Is your Worcester MT10 Timer not Working? – SIMPLE FIX!

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Is your Worcester MT10 Timer not working? Well there are two causes – a failed MT10 or your tappets are in the wrong position.

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In most of the cases, it’s usually a MT10 that has failed. Follow our steps below on how to get the MT10 working again.

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How to Get the Worcester MT10 Timer Working Again

  • Your timer clock motors lacks speed Adjustment

Is your unit manufactured for 60 Hz, which is the controlling factor for motor speed?

60 is the amount of cycles per second that AC electricity oscillates, caused by a turbine spinning inside magnetic field at power point.

This speed is really important, and so your clock motors need to keep correct time for several season or decades.

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  • A Loose Circuit Breaker or Loose Wire

Either of these could also cause a motor to lose power at times.

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If that is the case, your clock would appear to run slow. So, check terminals and ensure there are no insulation sitting under the screw-down plate on timer terminals.

Next, tighten the wires extremely tight against copper wire. Then move hot wire to another circuit breaker and see if the problem is still there. If it is, tighten the screw on neutral wire on neutral busbar inside breaker box.

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Worcester MT10 Timer not working

  • A Bad Clock

This could also be the culprit for some unexpelainable reasons.

It costs less than $20 to replace the T100 series 124volt clock motor.

  • Trippers touching the Lever

Trippers contact a lever, make sure lever has bit of grease so trippers are not hanging on the lever. Off tripper moves lever one direction, ON tripper moves lever other direction.

Double check operation of lever by moving override back and forth.

Override should snap crisp and clean, and not be extraordinarily hard to move.

I hope that helps!

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