Wiseway Pellet Stove Review – MY EXPERIENCE [Wiseway GW1949]

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My experience with the Wiseway GW1949 has been AMAZING. We wanted a pellet stove we could “set and forget” without worry about power failures in the winter and this was recommended by a friend. The mixed bag of reviews in the web were confusing, at first but we gave it a trial. What first caught my attention was its sleek design and its windows that allows you to see the flames traveling up the body of the stove.


It’s operations are silent and it features a hopper of 60 lbs capacity that supplies up to 35 hours of heat. It is perfect for areas that are prone to power failure since it does not require any electricity.


  • Certified by EPA and listed by UL
  • Features an easy adjustment for damper
  • Has a modern and stylish design that suits many interiors
  • Provides a 40,000 BTU output that heats up to 2,000 square feet of area
  • It uses the phenomenal of natural gravity feed system. Thus, ridding you the need to use electricity to stay warm.


  • Installation might require hiring professionals but it was easy for me and I’m no professional
  • Not recommended to be installed in a sleeping room.
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Wiseway Pellet Stove Review – MY EXPERIENCE WITH THE Wiseway GW1949

I and my wife stay in NH. Our house is insulated and we picked this stove because a friend recommended it and it was one of the few best rocket stove pellet burners on the market. We needed supplemental heat that needn’t depend on electricity (especially for the winter).

We ran the pellet chimney into a straight up 6-inch Stainless Steel lined 30” chimney and so far, smoke hasn’t been a problem even on really cold days.


What I love about the unit

Arrival of this unit is fast and setup was simple. I got them uncrated and assembled in a couple of minutes using basic hand tools. I was able to light mine with a standard propane torche. We ended up burning 2 ton of pellets of a variety of brands all hardwood/softwood blend.

I like the way it operates – simple yet clean. Compared to wood. But this unit still requires maintenance. I have found it to burn its hottest when clean, and well maintained.

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I recommend running a maintenance once you have burned a bag or two pellets (80lbs). That helps it operate above 500 degrees with ease. It burns about 12 hrs. on a bag nothing close to 30 or 36. Maybe more of you open it up on slow burn but you won’t get the heat you desire.

Creosote will build up and “glaze” the fire box.  That is a common thing after each burn and you only need use a stiff scraper to get it off. A wire brush will do the trick too. You only need a ash or shop vacuum.

We clean ours often and it does get messy – I’m talking black hands. Full vacuuming should be done once the ash travels all the way up to the top of the unit.

The chimney angles of the burn chamber have proven to be too sharp angled for even flexible brush rods to reach. I have had almost no luck using cable wires for it either. The center tube is a war to clean – I do blow and vacuum mine out though but I have no way of telling if it worked or not.

Quick Hack: Water hose it to clean if the temperature allows it.

What the Manufacturer can Improve

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The greatest con is the chimney angles of the burn chamber – I believe the makers can improve in that aspect, maybe add a second window or access door there. Or, a secondary ash collection tube should ride below for the ask to drop into.

Also, the pellet burn basket will not stand up to more than one season without coming unwelded. That sucks for people who cannot weld.

You will want ceiling fans or stand up fans to move the air around the house.

Are Wiseway Pellet Stoves any Good?

Wiseway pellet stoves are Simple, reliable, efficient, and perfect for heat use. They’ve got an amazing customer service rep and a great delivery service. Also, they ensure a warranty that provides coverage for all parts for at least one year from the date of purchase.

Their products are eco-friendly too!

How Does a Wiseway Pellet Stove Work?

  • Heat the burn chamber and flue
  • Use a propane touch to kickstart things
  • opening and closing the fresh air intakes on the front of the stove will adjust the temeprature

A Wiseway pellet stove works by burning wood or biomass pellets to generate a source of warmth for residential, office, or industrial spaces. It is easy to maintain and does not depend on electricity.

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