Will Pc Parts Be Cheaper On Black Friday/Cyber Monday? FIND OUT!

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PC parts are usually cheaper on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

You might be lucky enough to snatch a deal before it becomes sold out!


Black Friday this year is the 29th of November. So, it’s the first day after Thanksgiving and typically marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season.

I personally like to wait until Black Friday but I also check price histories here on this site to validate that there are legit sales around Black Friday for the PC parts I want.

Some deals are pretty weak but having said that, sometimes you can find decent deals if you stack things together.

For instance, last Black Friday, I got an R9 280 for $130. It typically costs more than 200 bucks. That was an amazingly good deal at the time.

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Will Pc Parts Be Cheaper On Black Friday?

Yes, they will likely go on sale that day and be cheaper too.

However, you have to consider that most people also buy on Black Friday meaning the competition is high and there is a chance you could get there or go online and they won’t be stocked with the parts you need.

Plus, the prices could increase over time between now and then and then you will be getting it on sale for the same price as before.

My advice? Just buy it now!


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Black Friday Or Cyber Monday For Pc Parts?

There isn’t much difference between the two anyway. Shopping during either one is fine.

Remember, that although there would be really good deals to be snatched on Black Friday, many sale offers would be from stores or manufacturers looking to clear their old stock, end of line and clearance lines.

The same goes for Cyber Monday too.

Plus, there is an high chance that the products you want get reduced on the day, stock availability of those products would be limited.

Personally, I wouldn’t bet on saving on components, if I have a build in mind then I just want to get it built, not if that means waiting weeks or months, a few days then maybe, but not longer.


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When Will Pc Parts Prices Drop 2021?

PC parts prices typically drops during Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

However, if it is an urgent purchase, there is no sense in waiting. But if it is not then you can wait till the holiday season when there would be cheaper monitor or a couple of peripherals but again there could be cheaper pc parts found throughout the year.

Will Pc Parts Prices Drop After Corona?

Waiting for PC parts prices to drop after corona won’t hurt anything, but you’ll most likely be disappointed.

I hear if you buy them online during cyber monday (two days after black friday) they’ll be cheaper but i’m not sure.

When Will Pc Parts Be Back In Stock?

I heard Amazon Prime day is a great day to find the PC parts you’ve been waiting on.

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