Why is My Pentair App not Working – LEARN MORE!

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Is your Pentair app not working at the moment? Then you might need to update it via the store.

If that doesn’t work then you can follow the rest of our instructions below.

Why is my Pentair app not Working? how to fix!

An IOS update could be the cause of the issue.

In my case, I spoke to the Pentair technical support and they did log into my system remotely and did not see the same issues I am complaining of.

So, I deleted and reinstalled the app and that too did not solve the issue. I then went ahead to delete the app, and reboot the phone and then reinstalled the app, and the issue still wasn’t solved. I then went ahead to use the ScreenLogic Configurator (PC software), switched from Celsius to Fahrenheit and then back to Celsius, and reconfigured the spa/pool heaters, that appears to have solved the Spa/Pool temperature issue, the CYA value reverting to zero was unaffected.

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I was successful at regaining the normal temperature control set points but still did have the CYA value anomaly. I breathed an air of relief since that was an improvement since I began monitoring the pool chemistry independently from the Intellichem system.


I would still like to hear from other users if you happen to see similar issues with your software, and I will post again if I make any progress with the CYA issue.

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