Why is My Floculant Not Working – What to Do!

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If it’s all floating on the top couldn’t you just scoop it up with a net?

Here’s what to do if your pool floc is not sinking.

What to do if Pool floc not Sinking

  • Set the filter to “Recirculate” when you first add the floc to the water.
  • Calculate and measure the right amount of floc.
  • Let it sit 8-16 hours so the floc can work best
  • Now, vacuum and vacuum. Make sure the filter is set to waste when doing so.
  • Balance the water before and after adding floc.

Floculant Not Working

There could be a few reasons as to why your pool flocculant is not sinking. Here we go:

It hasn’t been that long. You need to wait 48 hours for the floc to sink to the bottom.

Running the pump so it circulates water. The water needs to be still for the pool flocculant to work efficiently.

Your pool has live algae. You need to get rid of algae before using floc.

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Floculant Not Working

Insufficient flocculant was added to the pool. We recommend waiting 3-5 days before adding extra floc. Careful not to add too much.

Something else might be on the surface of the pool water and may be preventing it from working.

How to Get Floc Out of Pool

To get floc out of the pool, do the following:

Set your filter valve to the “waste” setting. Now, connect up the manual vacuum. Do not try using an automatic cleaner as that will not work.

The smartest way of getting floc out of a pool is to vaccum VERY slowly so you don’t stir up the debris. If you move too fast, you’ll create currents in the water which will disperse all that stuff sitting at the bottom.


If you have disturbed the dirt’s at the bottom, take a break to allow it to settle on the bottom again. Come back in 30-60 mins and try again.

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