Why is a Deer Sticking Tongue Out? What it Means!

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A deer sticking tongue out could mean the following:

It could be hot day so its trying to relieve itself.

To lick their nose so they can smell something better but it could feel like they’re mocking you.

A previous broken tooth or tooth loss. Severe tooth abscessions can make the jaw throttle and prone to breakage. If the lower mandibles are not aligned, then the tongue remains straight and hangs off to one side. This however doesn’t typically affect the ability of the deer to survive as long as the original wounds heals.

It could be an early sign of blue tongue in deer. The tongue swells so much that it hangs from the mouth and get so big that they cannot get water or eat.

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Why is a Deer Walking Around with Tongue Hanging Out?

Plain tiredness could be why. Usually, overhunting or buck ruting wears them out all day. It’s no wonder hunters love to hunt near water during the rut.

What Does It Mean When A Deer’s Tongue Is Hanging Out?

A deer that has suffered damage to the cranial never X, hypoglossal nerve, infection or trauma in the mouth might have a paralyzed tongue because of a damaged nerve. Otherwise, your deer should be doing fine.

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Also, a deer with an over bite of about 2 inches (parrot mouth) could be hanging out its tongue since the teeth aren’t where they’re needed to hold his tongue in.

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Why is a Deer Sticking Tongue Out

Can I eat a Dead Deer with Tongue Out?

As far as you hunted it and its free from diseases, I’d say go on right ahead.

A dead deer does not have the brain stimulus to return it’s tongue to the moth. The animal corpse is completely relaxed so the relaxed tongue falls out of its mouth.

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Dead humans have relaxed eyelids so the eyes are opened until someone closes them.

Is Blue Tongue Deer Safe To Eat?

There are no recorded health issues with eating deer meat with blue tongue. Although we advise hunters to avoid harvesting sick or unhealthy deer.

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Blue Tongue Deer Symptoms

Some signs of bluetongue include:

  • Depression
  • Hard time breathing
  • Fever
  • Excessive salivation
  • Nasal discharge and
  • Reddened and ulcerated muzzle, lips, and ears.

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