[SEE HERE] Why does Bleach Foam Up in Pool? [with Urine, Cat & Dog Urine]

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Your swimming pool is foaming up because you used splashless, thickened, outdoor, extra-whiting or scented bleach (or any other).

In other words, if it is not plain, unscented chlorine bleach, your pool will most likely foam. All the others contain additives and/or degergents!

Pro Tip: Ensure the store brand bleach you buy has bleach up to 6% or 5.25%. I recommend regular/plain Great Value (Wal-Mart) or Bravo (HEB) bleach.


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How to Fix a Foamy Pool

Normally, this issue should resolve in a day or two with the pump/filter going.

However, I would recommend scooping the foam out if you can. From experience, the thickening agents used in splashless bleaches are designed to be mixed in solution with high PH (from the high levls of lye) and concentrated sodium hypochlorite.

That means it will last longer when added to a pool water that has a much lower concentration of chlorine in it.

If your water calcium hardness are at 250 – or somewhat close to it, I recommend getting a spa defoaming chemical and use that to break down the chlorine.

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Why does Bleach Foam Up

Why Does Bleach Foam Up with Urine?

Women who carry out a home bleach pregnancy test have sworn that it works.

Here is how the process goes – The primary idea of the test is that if you add your urine to a cup of bleach and it creates a foam, or fizzes and remains in the cup, you’re are pregnant!

On the other hand, if nothing happens then you’re not. The bleach in the cup detects pregnancy hormones and makes a reaction that remains there!

This test is not always 100% accurate though.

Why Does Bleach Foam Up with Dog Urine?

The ammonia in dog urine mixed with chlorine bleach is harmful to humans and pet. As it foams up, it releases irritating and pungent odor, causing watering of the eyes, runny nose and coughing.

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It’s a pain to breathe in.

Why Does Bleach Foam Up with Cat Urine?

Chlorine gas and chloramine are created when cat urine and bleach mix, causing some foaming up. The strong smell irritates the eyes, nose and might even choke.

Does bleach react with cat urine?

Yeah, it does! This is why it is never safe to use chlorine bleach when washing items soaked in cat pee. A mix of bleach and cat urine causes foams that ends up being dangerous gases when inhaled.

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