Why Do Cowboys Wear Big Belt Buckles? 3 Reasons!

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Have you seen cowboys proudly showing off their big belt buckles and wondering why they’d wear it in the first place when there are fancier belts with smaller buckles?

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Why Do Cowboys Wear Big Belt Buckles?

Big belt buckles are symbols of status in society. That is why cowboy wears big belt buckles.

It all started in the days of post-Civil War Reconstruction. The newly-freed black men and women “wore their wealth” by wearing expensive jewelry and other high-priced personal items.

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Banks then didn’t have the populace at heart and were quite unstable and many people, including cowpokes, were nomadic. They carried and wore things that could be readily liquidated for much-needed supplies and food.

Belt buckles are part of a cowboy’s “bling” that could be quickly sold. They were also symbols of class and remain so to this day.

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Why Do Cowboys Wear Big Belt Buckles

Why do guys wear Cowboy Boots?

Guys were cowboys in fashion or to protect horsemen while riding their horses.

It’s damn comfortable and classy too!

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