Why Are Under Counter Can Openers So Expensive? 8 Reasons!

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Under counter can openers are so expensive because of the following:

  • High quality
  • Costs of the Moving parts
  • Installation type

Over the years, the manufacturers of under-counter-can-openers have improved the quality; and use of their product, making it do more than just “can opening”.

However, with improvement comes additional cost!

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Now, this article is focused on some good reasons why under cabinet can openers cost so much and if the ROI on these equipments makes the price worth it.

But first….

How Much Does an Under Counter Can Opener Cost?

The typical handheld can openers cost $5-$10 while mechanical can openers costs anywhere from $15 to $30 per purchase.

An under-the-counter can opener is sold anywhere between $150 to $600. At times, this may exclude the installation fee, which can be extra if you decide to do it in a commercial setting.

All of these factors make under counter can openers 10 times as expensive as a standard opener.

Why Are Under Counter Can Openers So Expensive?

The price tag of under cabinet can openers is so high because of the following reasons:

  • The Modern, Smart Operation

A quick comparison between the traditional can openers with the modern ones will highlight a bucketload of differences in design, use, and features.

For starters, modern can openers offer hands-free operation and this feature is super handy! It’s as simple as simply placing the can in the right position and the can opener will take care of the rest!

That’s the beauty of electric under cabinet can openers!

It’s so damn convenient to not stress over holding the can while opening it.

Plus, asides from the hands-free operation, some even come with an automatic shutdown feature for better safety in the kitchen!

  • Space-saving Design

The sleek design of these can openers has evolved over the years to become better, yet more portable.

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They boast of compact and smart design so you now have more space in the kitchen.

Isn’t that great news? No matter how confined your space is, you can install and maintain them with ease. And don’t forget, you can find some under counter can openers that you can install in other places in the kitchen too.

  • Versatile Usages

Can openers in this time and age do more than just can opening? They can do lots of stuff like cutting shopping bags, knife sharpening, opening bottles, and so on.

Plus, there is no size limit of cans too. You can open all the smaller and larger cans with ease too.

What that means is that you’re not just paying for the can openers, you are paying for a multi-tool that can perform more jobs than their traditional counterparts.

  • Made of Quality Materials

This is the main role in determining the price of the can opener. Most times, they have a stainless steel structure and it’s a must to make them out of stainless steel to make them durable.

  • Easily Maintenance

Life in the kitchen can be tiring and cleaning can openers should be easy and not strenuous.

This is guaranteed with these under-counter can openers! They are easy to clean, don’t rust from using cleaning agents to tidy them, etc.

  • Lots of Moving Parts

Because they have lots of moving parts, can openers take a while to produce. Most usually have built-in safety mechanisms to ensure you don’t get accidental cuts on your skin as you use it.

They also feature spill-proofing tech, too.

  • Long Service Life

They are built to let you enjoy more value with a longer life expectancy than the mechanical can opener. With proper care, your under-the-counter can openers should be lasting 3-10 years.

  • Installation

Being installed under your counter means they will require additional bits n’ bobs. A lot of can opener brands usually include installation fees into the price of the can opener.

It’s great to check what the policy about your can opener’s price is before making up your mind to purchase it.

  • Extra Home Value

Yes! It’s considered to be a home improvement. Much like other add-ons, it’s considered to be a part of a kitchen remodeling project. It can bolster your home’s value.

  • Unique and Cool

These products aren’t very popular with lots of people. They are very rare to find in popular places like Home Depot or Sears.

So, you might have to search for them online. Since there’s lower demand for them, the price goes up.

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Why Are Under Counter Can Openers So Expensive

Are Under Counter Can Openers Outdated?

To a lot of people, under counter can openers are kind of retro, more popular in the 60s and 70s.

But, they still offer plenty of conveniences and are cheap for most homeowners to get nowadays.

Which Brands Make Under Counter Can Openers?

There are not many companies who still put up under counter can openers for sale. The most commonly cited one in Amazon today is Black & Decker.

There are also some Chinese, unbranded model types on Amazon, but we cannot guarantee they would actually do the work.

Can You Install Under Counter Can Openers Yourself?

Some models allow self-installation, others don’t. So, do your research well before buying one.

Most times, you might need a second person to help you out. After all, you will need someone to hold the can opener to the underside of the cabinet while you drill it in.

Before buying any can opener for your under-cabinet area, ensure you have read reviews on them to make sure it’s something that you can do yourself.

Otherwise, you may spend $50 to $100 for a handyman to help with the installation.

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Is Getting an Electric Under Counter Can Opener Worth It?

Well, it depends on your preference, really. The electric under counter can opener is better than the manual can opener because: It is more functional, less stressful to operate, longer service life, and has an elegant design.

The mechanical type is usually smaller, cheaper, shorter service life and requires more energy to operate.

You have carpal tunnel syndrome or similar mobility issues. If you have a hard time moving your wrists or gripping a can, this kind of can opener might be a very wise investment. Trust me, I understand how hard mobility issues can be.

You don’t have counter space for a countertop can opener. Admittedly, you can always use a manual one. However, if you can’t for the reasons above, getting an under counter can opener is a smart move. This is why they are popular in efficiency suites as well as RVs.

Are Under Counter Can Openers Reparable?

Yes, but it could be hard if there is no repairman nearby.

Most under counter can opener brands would gladly take back the machine to fix for you if it is still under the warranty that it came with.

So, consider the warranty period of the machine you intend to buy. Otherwise, you might be stuck with a nonfunctional can opener.

Should You Get An Under Counter Jar Opener Instead?

Yes! Jar openers fitted under your counter are simpler to use, more stable, and also tend to be a fraction of the cost of an electric can opener.  Besides, lots of people are starting t veer away from canned food in favor of fresher offerings.

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Jar openers are analog and electric can openers are electric-based. Jar openers are just there to make sure you have enough grip to get that jar of pickles opens. Since they don’t have many moving parts, the chances of them breaking are far lower. This means you can expect them to last a lifetime and not break. Oh, and they are also easy to use!

When were Electric Can Openers Invented, And Do Some Still Work?

Electric can openers were first manufactured in 1950, and yes, some still work. Look into some old-fashioned flea markets as well as antique stores to get old models.

Newer models can be found on online marketplaces, such as Amazon. From experience, the older models tend to last better than the new ones. However, the older ones are prone to rust while the newer models aren’t.

Can You Sharpen A Can Opener?

Yes, you can sharpen can openers and maintain them without hassle, especially if they’re handheld.

Simply run some sandpaper through them and it will feel good as new.

How Long Does An Electric Can Opener Last?

Most electric countertop models will serve you for 3-5 years under a good maintenance schedule.

How Expensive Are Can Openers?

The price range of can openers can go anywhere from $10 to $600 depending on various factors such as age, model, features, durability, design, type, etc.

Do They Make Under Cabinet Can Openers?

Yes, there are plenty of multi-purpose under cabinet can openers out there but my personal favorite is The BLACK+DECKER™SPACEMAKER™.

Does Black and Decker still make can openers?

Yes, and their can openers are available all over the world.

Do Electric Can Openers Have Knife Sharpeners?

Most do while some don’t. Asides from that, they are also packed with plenty of other features that make your stressful life softer.

Who Makes The Best Quality Can Opener?

A few renowned brands like OXO, Kuhn Rikon, U.S. Shelby Co., EZ-DUZ-IT, and The BLACK & DECKER, etc. make some best quality can openers.

Final Thoughts

I tried to explain why are under counter can openers so expensive and why they still worth the price considering how easy they make our life in the kitchen.

One thing you can be sure of is that the cost will pay off nicely for many years to come. There are also lots of them you can get for cheap within your budget.

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