Why Are My Chlorine Tablets Not Dissolving In Floaters? FIND OUT

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Floating dispensers are really slow at dissolving and spreading chlorine in pools. So, if you want a quick explosion of chlorine in pools, you’re never going to get that by pouring Clorox around the sides of your pool so instead, use liquid chlorine – way faster and more efficient.

If you still insist on using tablets, then you should crack them in half before you place them there (works great, but wear gloves).

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Why Are My Chlorine Tablets Not Dissolving In Floaters?

As earlier stated, you chlorine tablets dissolves slowly – it’s just the way they are. If you need to pump your chlorine levels higher, then use liquid chlorine instead.

Normally, you want to use liquid chlorine and tabs. Liquid chlorine is used to establish chlorine level in a pool. Depending on your need, you’ll want that anywhere from 2ppm-7ppm chlorine. Chlorine tablets are used to maintain that level and introduce conditioner to the water a.k.a Cynaric Acid.

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CYA is basically needed to keep chlorine in solution. Without that, your liquid chlorine would be burned up in the sun in about 4 hours. Without water circulation, a.k.a pump running, the tabs will typically take a longer time to dissolve. Check in your floater and make sure the slots are open on the bottom.

Additionally, I recommend buying a respirator and wearing an eye protection! I’ve had chlorine spill on my eye and that isn’t a pleasant experience (haha). It will burn your eye and if not treated properly, will open you up to an infection. Tablets also give off gnar-gnar gas.

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Lastly, never allow acid fumes and chlorine mix in a closed space without air. That’s mustard gas and it can kill you.

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Why Are My Chlorine Tablets Not Dissolving In Floaters

A better alternative would be using compressed tabs instead of glued. Cheap glued tabs cost much in the long run, they completely destroy pumps, heaters, filters, injectors literarily everything. About 2/3s Lear potent as well.

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