Why Are Dress Slits on The Left? 4 Reasons by EXPERTS!

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Dress slits are on the left for longer satins. However, if you tend to get your heel caught in your skirt and you plan on dancing swing or jive, then it might be better to have the slit on the right.

Personally, I have seen dress slits placed on either left or right side. So, it all comes down to personal preference or choice.

You can cut slit left leg lines for fan position, lunges, back breaks.

Or you could do the right because of the kickball or rock step changes and the like in jive means the right heel is likely to catch in a longer dress.

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What Side Are Dress Slits On?

Dress slits are placed on either left or ride side.

A dress slit can occur at any place on the hem of a skirt. It’s the choice of the designer that determines that.

So, there isn’t a correct answer about the correct placement of a slit.

A slit helps to create better ease in walking in a skirt close to the body. If you don’t have a slit in a tight skirt you either take mincing steps or the skirt will ride up to accommodate movement.

A slit can also be used for style. A skirt can look prim from the front and have a daring slit in the back.

A slit in the front might appear to look trampy if cut high or can be tasteful if it is not cut high up on the thighs.

Some designers have cut slits into full skirts to create an element of surprise.

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Are Women’s Skirts with The Split Meant to Be Worn at The Front Or Back?

It depends on the skirt. Some skirts have a slit at the side/front/side of the skirt and if the skirt can be worn at the front.

The split is usually worn at the back if it’s a short split on a narrow skirt. It lets the wearer walk without taking teeny little mincing steps.

Some are certainly more formal or dressy skirts have a longer slit meant to be worn on one side. Same functional purpose, with the added appeal of partially baring one leg.

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