Which is better, kreepy krauly vs Barracuda? FIND OUT!

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IMHO, for a suction side cleaner, The Pool Cleaner is as good as they get. However, Which is better, kreepy krauly vs barracuda? Let’s Find out Below!

Which is better, kreepy krauly vs Barracuda?

Kreepy Krauly is smarter and does a better pool cleaning comprehensively than Baracuda. However, Baracuda offers better maintenance and performance but not as perfect as it’s opponent.

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Kreepy Krauly Kruiser Suction Side Cleaner VS Baracuda G3 Suction Side Cleaner
Built to last and is reliable. Long lasting reliable design
Single moving part for easy maintenance


Simple, no gear construction for easy maintenance


Wide Mouth for large and small debris


Quick-release cassette, enabling quick and easy maintenance


No compartments or filter bags to empty


It lacks filter bags or compartments to empty


It features adjustable regulator valve (does not operate on its own)


Wheel deflector prevents prevents hang-ups

FlowKeeper valve automatically regulates water flow


Installing is simple too


Easy and fast installation


It works quietly Operation is Quiet

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kreepy krauly vs Barracuda

  • Kreepy Krauly Kruiser Suction Side Cleaner Review

The Kreepy Krauly has an improved suction, works quitter and a single moving part, which saves more money in the long run.


The only downside of this unit is that Kruiser gets hung-up on hard-to-clean areas like pool stairs. Aside that, it is easy to operate, and put together with reliable, long lasting performance.

With one moving part, the cleaner is easy to maintain if a problem should ever occur.

  • Baracuda G3 Suction Side Cleaner Review


The Baracuda G3 is a better cleaner famous for its ease of use, reliability, and low maintenance requirements. It has different features such as Kreepy Krauly Kruiser, but it also contains a self-adjusting FlowKeeper Valve, a quick release cassette and regulating water flow, plus a wheel deflector that prevents hang-ups on stairs and corners.

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