Where to Practice Dance? [15 Free & Paid Places!]

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The best place to practice dancing includes home, dance studio, gym, stadium etc.

If you already know how to dance, you can practice anywhere. I’m notorious for doing time steps in the grocery checkout.

Where to Practice Dance?

  • Gym

You can practice your dancing at the gym when it’s completely empty overnight. It boasts big mirrors and giant ceiling-mounted fans.

Mirrors are crucial. The fans there will help keep you cool. The floor is usually slip-resistant, which for dancing is a mild downside but you can adapt to that.

Sometimes, I dance when I am not alone at the gym. Having a handful of early joggers as an audience does not affect me.

  • Dance Studio

Dance studio is another great place to practice and improve your dancing skills. However, it might be expensive for some.

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Ask if they have an empty studio you can practice. You’ll probably also have to be a paying patron though; I doubt they will just let anybody use their space at free will.

  • Local Community Center near me

These centres typically have multi-purpose rooms with mirrors or even proper dance studios.

When there are no classes going on or event rentals, they sometimes let the community members use them.

I’ll call them in advance to see if there’s any rental going on, and if there isn’t, I’ll drop by and practice in that studio. I bring my own speakers, music, etc… and make sure to keep the floor and mirror clean. Sometimes other people are also using the room (stretching, practising dance, playing ping-pong, etc…), so I also have to try to keep the music down or bring headphones.

  • Local Halls

These places often have the type of floor you can practice on during the week.

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Search for what’s available at a time and place that suits you. Think of Scout halls, school halls, church halls, Masonic halls etc.

  • Local bars and clubs at low business times

You and your friends can hang out at a local bar each week. Most are fine with you dancing as far as you’re buying drinks, and won’t ask you to leave.

Others often like watching you too – free entertainment so it’s a win-win.

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Where to Practice Dance

  • Local College/University

These places often have large rooms with suitable floors. You can often just walk onto campus, find a place, and start practising.

  • Work

Move your body, shake that waist on your seat, flex your arm muscles and imagine yourself getting better at dancing.

  • Local sports stadiums

I have practised on squash courts, volleyball courts and basketball courts. Many of the indoor sports floors are ideal for dance.

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Sometimes you need to hire them and other times you will find that there are periods when they are free. You can also hire half a court to keep your spending low too.

  • Yard

You can practice in your yard or in a friend’s yard.

  • Deck

You can practice in your yard or in a friend’s yard.

  • Dance Academies

if you check your neighbourhood dance academies sometimes they have open studios and drop-in classes for a fee.

  • Rooftops and Parking lots

These are great places to practice your dancing skills, just make sure there is no serial killers around there.

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