Where to Buy Parafilm Tape/Grafting Tape In Canada, USA & UK

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Do you want do some cuttings and need some grafting tape in Canada, United States or UK? Amazon is the place where you can buy Parafilm tape.

Where to Buy Parafilm Tape/Grafting Tape/In Canada?

I recommend buying it Online. Personally, I’ve tried looking at Walmart and Home Depot in my area. When I asked where Parafilm was, I had strange eyes staring at me.

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None of the people there knew what it was. However, Walmart did have a couple available to ship instore but it was about 150$ for 3 packs! Much cheaper online.


In case you do not want to buy then you could use candle wax to seal the cutting top. I’ve tried it with a couple of success and some failing.

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To do this, simply dip your finger carefully into the melted wax and smear it onto the top of the cutting. The result is generally good but watch out for mold and dryness.

I like to use a mix with pine bark, peat, calcined clay, and perlite since that lets the cutting stay dry.

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How to use Parafilm for grafting

  • Make your cutting
  • Place the parts together then apply tape over the usual grafting rubber or tape typically used to secure the union until the graft takes hold.

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