Where to Buy Earthworms for Compost, Fishing, Axolotl or Garden

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Are you looking to buy earthworms online near you for your garden, axolotl, fishing or compost? You’re in the right place!

Where to Buy Earthworms for Compost, Fishing, Axolotl or Garden

Although bait shops or any fishing store do stock earthworms, one we have had experience with and have been doing business with for over 5 years now is Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm.

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I get my worms from UNCLE JIM’S WORM FARM where they are constantly available and even cheaper when you buy more. They’re economical too.


If you think you don’t have any or enough earthworms in your garden, then buying them in and adding them should work as far as the soil conditions are not hostile. If it is, adding worms will make them disappear quite fast.

A quick way to making the soil favorable to worms is by changing the top soil and adding humus rich materials – composted manures.

How Can I Get Earthworms in My Garden?

You can use brewed coffee grounds to attract earthworms into your garden.

  • Take away the grounds
  • Dig a hole
  • Insert grounds.
  • Wait for 24-48 hours and return, preferably at night, and investigate coffee-ground hole.
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Re-assess your need to buy worms depending on what you find.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Earthworms?

1 pound of red earthworms typically sell for anywhere between $14-30 in a commercial market. You might get them for cheaper online.

Can You Buy Earthworms at Home Depot?

No, we recommend buying from Uncle Jim Farm instead.

Where to Buy Earthworms

Can I Buy Garden Worms?

Yes, you can buy garden worms from Uncle Jim’s Farm, they sell the best available earthworms online.

Earthworms remain one of the best and most effective ways of improving soil quality and are loved by people who prefer a natural and organic means of boosting garden’s health.

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Do I Need Worms in My Raised Garden Bed?

Yes, you do. They help aerate the soil well. Over time, earthworms will find their way to your soil but you can buy and add manually to speed up the process.

Why are there No Worms In My Garden Soil?

Having no worms in your garden is most likely caused by either poor soil condition or compact soil, or a combination of both that doesn’t attract worms. Brand new gardens made from sterile soil could be another reason you can’t find earthworms.

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