Where Do Fig Trees Grow In The Us? Top 10!

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Figs grow well anywhere that is dry. ~20 inches of rain annually (most of which is in the winter months) with a long season.

Fig trees grow well in California, United Sates. However, there are other areas where fig trees can be grown and here are some:

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Where Do Fig Trees Grow In The Us?

  • It depends on whether you need a good job as well. If need good job suburbs w and S of Raleigh are great, and most fairly cold hardy figs do ok.
  • San antonio TX and surrounding has decent climate for figs as does further S
  • Uvalde TX
  • I believe deep south-southeast texas would be one of the best
  • I’d look in AZ but good land with water is probably going to be expensive.
  • Have you considered Western Nevada like Carson City, Truckee area? It is dry, water is available, lower taxes and not that far from Paradise
  • Try Volusia county. Not to far from ocala. Very beautiful
  • Centeral fl. Zone 9b. Yes there is humidity.
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