WHERE Can I Use a Document Camera on Zoom? FIND OUT

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Effective communication and sharing of documents while in a Zoom meeting will require the aid of a second camera. Before the classroom environment can be replicated on Zoom, it is quintessential to have a second camera which could either be a phone connected as a guest, a phone connected to your computer, or better still an actual document camera.

If what you have is an actual document camera, this guide will explain how to use a document camera on Zoom and the steps to connect one. Without further ado, let’s delve into the main discourse.

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Can I Use My Document Camera on Zoom?

The Zoom platform is no doubt the world’s biggest video conferencing platform. It is used to host a lot of meetings ranging from business to educational to religious and much more. The platform became popular in the wake of the outbreak of Covid-19 and has since garnered millions of users over time.

When you have a document camera (sometimes called docucam) connected to your computer, it is easy to use it on Zoom as a second camera.

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Using a document camera on Zoom enables one to recreate the perfect classroom environment virtually. You can efficiently transfer between the teacher and the item that serves as a teaching aid. If you have a document camera, here’s how to use it on Zoom.

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How to Use a Document Camera on Zoom

With the screen sharing feature on Zoom, you can share the captures of a second camera on Zoom. This will allow you to make use of two cameras in one Zoom meeting. Having connected your docucam to your computer system, here is how to use it on Zoom.

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1. In a Zoom meeting, click on “Share Screen” tab that is on the Zoom interface.

2. You will see two tabs “Basic” and “Advanced”. Click on the “Advanced tab”.

3. Next, click on “Content from 2nd Camera” then select “Share”.

Once all these are done, your document camera is ready to be used on Zoom. Happy meeting!

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