What to Do with Old Pool Filter Sand? DISPOSE IT OFF SAFELY!

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The best way to deal with old pool filter sand is to dig a hole and bury it deep.

That is because it contains contaminants that should never be left in a pile in the yard as a result of the safety hazard that will pose to your family, pets, kids, wild life and neighbors.

Note: Old pool filter sand is made from silica and the dust has shown to cause the growth of cancer in humans.

What to Do with Old Pool Filter Sand?


  • Spread the sand over your garden or lawn bed and water it in
  • Dig up dirt and bury the sand in your backyard
  • Use underneath pavers as bedding sand.
  • Bag the sand and then take it to a dumpster.
  • You can spread the sand in a bushland or forest area.
  • Use some for the firepit area
  • Use as drainage sand around underground pipes
  • Fill low spots in your lawn
  • Use it in the lawn. It killed the weeds rather well. Let it sit on top over the fall and into the winter then turned it into the topsoil.
  • You could make a lot of candle holders, ashtrays

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What to Do with Old Pool Filter Sand


  • Use in your children playground
  • Empty the sand into your garbage bin. It’s really heavy.
  • Use the sand in a child’s sand box
  • Flush the sand down your storm water drain. That could result in a blockage.
  • Add to concrete as pool filter sand is crushed silica which is not strong enough to make concrete. Concrete sand is made with crushed granite and limestone.

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