What to Do if Your Dirt Bike Is Stolen [TO GET IT BACK]

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File a police report ASAP and put up some fliers. Optionally, take out the spark plug after you’re done riding, that way if they try and steal it they have a hard time getting it away unless they use a vehicle. (Or use there feet to push).

Here’s what to Do if Your Dirt Bike Was Stolen:

  1. Call the Police and report the dirt bike/motorcycle stolen ASAP. Provide them with all the details that could help them in their investigation.
  2. Set up and publish an ad on Craigslist alerting potential buyers to your loss. People on there may be able to help in recovery.
  3. Come up with a list of suspects or persons who may have been coming around in the past, but suddenly isn’t coming close no more.
  4. Get across to local and area dirt bike shops and parts departments alerting them of your loss (and provide pictures). Ask them to stay alert for that specific year, make and model bike.
  5. Go on eBay and search for parts that may have been “Parted Out” or removed from your motorcycle.
  6. Go on your social media handles and post that your dirt bike has been stolen. Remember to add pictures and videos plus last location for faster help.
  7. Post in dedicated communities. For example, Stolen Bikes UK, and Stolen Ride London are authority places when the issue of theft bikes is being discussed.

An example site in the United States you can go to BikeWatchNYC.

  1. Fill an insurance claim if you have an insurance for it.
  2. Report to Kryptonite or OnGuard. Either of these sites can aid your search for your dirt bike.

What to Do if Your Dirt Bike Is Stolen

Table of Contents

What to Do if Your Dirt Bike Is Stolen

  • Call the police
  • Post on Social Networks That Your Dirt Bike Has Been Stolen
  • File an insurance claim
  • Report to Kryptonite or OnGuard
  • Look on Used Dirt Bike Sales Sites as Well as Physical Stores

How to Secure Your Dirt Bike from being Stolen (20 tips)

No one wants prays for their dirt bikes to be stolen, but there are precautions you can put in place to further secure your ride, even if you park it in public places.

These safety measures include:

  • Installing Locking Chains & Anchors in Dirt Roads.

You should own a good lock, nets, and anchors.

It is crucial. Having a weak lock makes it easy for thieves to cart away your bike.

Using a high-quality lock makes it harder for robbers to take away your bike. So, do not be lazy, and always make sure you install a lock on your dirt bike, even if you’re only using the toilet.

You never know who is watching so it important to be at alert always.

  • During Bike races, Keep one eye on the show and another on your Bike

Whether you are a parent to a child who compete in, races or you compete in races, you should keep a watchful eye on your dirt bike and have them close to you.

Thieves are most happy when they go to races, because they know that a lot of bike owners don’t pay attention to their bikes in the midst of all the adrenaline rush.

If you’re in the company of a friend, you can have him or her watch over it while you go do something for a few minutes.

Only do this with someone you trust.

  • NEVER leave your dirt bike in the car.

It’s easy to break in cars. Do not add in the dirt bike as a bonus for thieves.

Always have your dirt bike securely locked in your garaged. Not in your car. Some daredevil thieves will take the car and the bike.

  • Avoid Social Media showoff

Social media is fast becoming a record center where thieves typically pick their next target.

If you have plenty of followers on social media, and wish to show off your bike for bragging rights. Then do so with caution.

Do not give in to the temptation of photographing your location, home address, or personal information that might make robbers locate you.

  • Reinforce the Security of your Garage.

I know your garage is pretty secure but do you have tracking code, alarm system, cameras, and other safety measures put in place? If No, then you should do something about it.

  • Put Your Dirt Bike In Your House.

Yes, dirt bikes might take up space in your home especially if you have a small apartment but inside is where it is safest.

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Once inside your home, do well to secure it with locks for extra security.

  • Install an Alarm System

Many riders overlook the importance of a scream. Thieves become anxious and run away when an alarm trips.

There are lots of alarms sold at marketplaces you can buy. They are affordable too.

Get a discreet alarm system, so the thieves will not try to disable the alarm.

Also, I even recommend installing several alarms to be sure that your it will make noise, so you know someone trying to steal them.

  • Disassemble Your Bike.

This may seem counterproductive but no thieves would want to steal parts and spend hours trying to assemble it when they can be using same time to steal whole bikes in the neighborhood.

  • Keep a Low Profile

NEVER tell neighbors or people you don’t trust that you’ve got a new bike. People who live in a bad neighborhood gets their bike stolen once bad people start noticing.

  • Do Not Share Rides

NEVER allow someone you just met or a person who is not your friend ride your bike. This is especially dangerous since the person can just ride it off.

  • Install a Tracking Code.

Installation of a tracking code lets you track your dirt bike via your phone.

So, no matter where you or your dirt bike are, you will be able to rest well while you’re sure it is in a safe place.

This will also prove helpful in the police search since it will show a live location of where the thief took it.

  • Insurance companies.

Have an insurance plan for your bike. Just in case things go South.

  • Make Sure You Have Proof.

It is important to have proof to show that the stolen bike is yours. A lack of evidence shows unseriousness and does not prove ownership.

The police might not take up the case if you don’t have evidence.

You can provide proof by taking a photograph, and also showing the receipt of your purchase.

if you have no evidence to show for the police, the police might not believe you.

  • Have a Boring Dirt Bike

The choice of color for your bike can be boring. That way, it doesn’t stand out and draw unnecessary attention.

Always remember that bright colors are much more attractive than dark colors.

  • Set up a security camera.

Getting a security camera installed over your dash is helpful too and serves as a deterrent to potential thieves.

We recommend getting a camera that takes a picture of intruding faces.

  • Do not Wash Your Dirt Bike In Front Of People

Wash your bikes privately. You don’t want to draw attention to your bike.

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An increased attention increases the chances of having your bike stolen.

  • Note Down the Engine Number

Lack of proof like having a record of the engine number can prevent the police from taking your clain serious.

And because of that, it is very important that you have some proof that you can show the police.

  • Have Your Camera In A Hard-To-See Place

Have a camera set up in hard-to-see and hard-to-reach places.

  • Buy Insurance for Your Dirt Bike

Cheap or not you should buy insurance for your bike.

Although insurance may only be able to get you a half refund but also help you in case of an accident.

There are lots of insurance companies you can buy. Remember the more you pay for a better insurance company, so you get a bigger refund.

  • Don’t Station Your Dirt Bike in Public Parking.

NEVER do that mistake. Instead, station your bike in a closed private parking with locks so one cam steal them.

How to Report A Stolen Motorcycle

To report a stolen motorcycle, or dirt bike, call a police station and file a report. Feel free to dial the emergency office and report the problem.

Tips to Keep A Dirt Bike Away from Thieves at Races or Weekend Trips

  • Use a high-quality cable to lock all bikes together. If there is only one bike, secure the bike to a solid object such as a tree, trailer or truck.
  • When stopping for lunch, dinner or attractions, make sure the tounge of the trailer is locked to the hitch and that any trailer doors or gates are secured.
  • If the dirt bike is exposed in the back of a truck, use lock straps or a cable and lock to secure the motorcycle to the truck which it’s being hauled in and lock the tail gate if possible.

Tips to Keep Your Dirt Bike Safe & Secure at Home

Avoid announcing the date, time, place and how you’ll be going to a particular destination. Please, don’t.

Keep a record of the frame and engine serial numbers for possible future identification of a motorcycle being parted out somewhere such as eBay.

Consider a home security system.

What happens to Stolen Motorcycles?

Stolen motorcycles are usually broken down and sold as parts. . First, they chop out the engine, followed by other parts with VIN plates. Next, they put up the stolen parts for sale on eBay, Craigslist, etc

Motorcycle Stolen Insurance Payout

If your motorcycle is stolen, your policy’s comprehensive coverage can pay for a new bike, minus your deductible.

Places to Check for Stolen Dirt Bike Vin Check

The following sites are places you can check dirt bike VIN:

  • stolenmotorcycleregistry.com
  • stolenmotorcyclehelp.com
  • fastbikesmag.com

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