What Surfaces Can You Ride a Dirt Bike on? [TOP 5!]

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Surfaces you can ride a dirt bike on include:

  • Grass
  • Sand and dunes
  • Forest
  • Tracks
  • Parks
  • Snow
  • Rain

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Sand and dunes

Riding on the sand can be fun, especially on sand dunes.

It’s cool, fun and really safe too. If you fall, no serious harm will come to you.

This terrain is perfect for novice riders.

But, a thin layer of sand can be dangerous and if you could get hurt riding on thin layers of sands.

Avoid very steep or narrow slope as that can spell D-O-O-M even for an experienced rider.

So, before you go crazy on speed, ensure you put your safety first.

Where can I find Sand Dunes in the USA?

You can find sand dunes in Brawley, California.

It is quite a popular riding destination with 5 miles of sand dunes plus 3 levels of medium to low height difficulty.

The best time to ride is through winter, fall, and early spring months as this desert area reaches over 100 degrees in the summer.

Some riders even camp there; more fun!

I do not advise beginner riders to use this destination.  A ride who has mastered the basics of riding a dirt bike should definitely make out time and visit there.

You won’t regret it. It’s a great place to ride on sand and dunes.

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Riding on grass is stress-relieving and great for beginners.

You can ride on twisted or thin layers with no issues at all. The only con here is that it might be harder to reach areas designated for grass without some permission.

Riding on grass is perfect for beginners, even on thin or twisted layers. The only problem is that it is very difficult to reach areas designated for grass and I have found only two of them.

But, what about forests?


As a beginner, you don’t want to be riding In the forest; very dangerous.

There are lots of stones, twigs, and rocks on the ground that might bump your tires and throw you off balance if you aren’t quick to avoid them.

Let’s not forget the increased chance of crashing into a tree {I’m, talking a thick-ass tree here). Hitting a tree typically results in broken leg, hand, loss of consciousness or worse a trip to the hospital.

Now, practicing advanced riders on the other hand should be able navigate the forest grounds with almost no causality.

There are two forests I did try as a beginner and I am sharing them here with you:

Where can I find Forests in the USA?

Wayne National Forest, OH – This riding spot has more than 5 thousand miles of great trails and an entrance fee of $20. Wayne National Forest.

Wayne National Forest, OH is well suited for novice riders and advanced riders and I highly recommend riding in it.

Western Washington Capitol Forest – This is the perfect spot for advanced riders looking for a challenge. Western Washington Capitol Forest is one of the best places for dirt bike riders.

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It has a more than 80 kilometers of riding tracks and terrain.

The forest is usually open from April 30-December 1 each year and the place itself is amazing to be at.

I highly recommend Western Washington Capitol Forest as it is unique for cyclists who want to challenge their riding skills.

What Surfaces Can You Ride a Dirt Bike on


Dirt tracks are amongst the top places for beginner ridders to ride in, especially when the tracks are well maintained with supervisors.

There are tracks ideal for beginner riders and there are tracks perfect for advanced riders too, even children.

Do look around your locality and you should find one.


Parks are no doubt fun places to be in. Even better, they are fun to ride bikes in, especially with their wide range of land and space.

I’m not talking about public parks; I’m talking about parks uniquely designed for dirt bikes.

They are truly amongst my top 5 favorite places to ride in for beginners. There are parks for advanced, intermediate, and beginner riders so it crucial to pay attention to this.

Lastly, if you ride in public parks then it is crucial to get permission because if you don’t. You would be fined and possibly jailed too.

Where can I find Parks in the USA?

I recommend this place:

Moses Lake Sand Dunes/ORV Park, WA – This park has more than 3,000 miles of sand dunes. It is located at the southern end of Lake Moses and about 3000 miles of trails but it is only open from July 1 July to 1 October.

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This place is suitable for different kinds of riders. It also offers lakes, camping and fishing grounds. I very much recommend this place as somewhere families can go to ride free.


Riding in the snow is fun, but can be dangerous too.

Beginners can travel to places where there is no snowfall every weekend to ride in. However, intermediate and advanced riders can ride in the snow.

Winter motocross group of riders at the first corner after the start


Riding in the rain is fun but don’t speed as you might lose control easily especially if you’re just learning to ride.

Can You Ride A Dirt Bike on Sand?

Absolutely! Riding on wet or damp sand is great! It provides a firmer traction and control better than thin/dried sand.

Can Dirt Bikes Ride on Water?

You can ride dirt bikes on water with the aid of special tires. A lot of people have successfully done this with some modifications to their bikes. So, yes, you too can.

Do Dirt Bikes Work On Snow?

Dirt bikes will work on snow as long as you “winter-proof” it. You too can ride your dirt bikes on snow as long as you winterize it.

How Do I Prepare My Dirt Bike For Winter?

  • Wash it
  • Fill your gas tank and stabilize your fuel
  • Change the oil
  • Charge your battery
  • Fill up on antifreeze
  • Store on a bike or ATV stand, if practical.

To sum up

Here are the areas and weather conditions that I recommend riding on dirt bikes.

Have any questions? Feel free to comment below and we’d be happy to help with it.

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