What Should I Look For In a Document Camera? LEARN MORE

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You figured you need to purchase a document camera to enhance your teaching and the learning experience of your students, here is what you should look out for when buying one.

What You Should Look Out for in a Document Camera?

If you are looking to buy a document camera, the following points should not be trivialized as they determine how much value you could enjoy from your docucam.

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1. Integration and Interactivity

Document cameras do not just work on their own. They must be connected to other devices for optimal use. Without the right allowance for integration and interactivity, the document camera would not serve it purpose.

Integrations with monitors, projectors, mobile devices, etc. are important in creating the needed classroom environment you want with your document camera. Therefore, a document camera must have enough components to allow for integrations.

2. Portability

You probably have too many devices and adding a document camera may be a burden. Well, it does not have to be if you go for a document camera that does not feel like another space-crunching device.

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Ensure that the docucam you are buying is portable and can be carried around easily without the constraint of space.

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3. Camera Resolution

You would not like to have students complaining about being unable to see the document you are trying to display due to bad picture quality. Get a docucam with a good camera resolution that views and display documents properly and in the best quality possible.

4. Flexibility

Being static is not a good quality of a document camera. A lot of times, the need to take various angles of documents may arise and when your docucam has a fixed neck, this becomes a problem.

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To this end, flexibility of document cameras is not debatable. To get the best angles when displaying documents, purchase a document camera with a flexible neck.

5. Microphones

This may not be of importance to you since you already have your device microphone but who wouldn’t like some more value. Buying a document camera that has a built-in microphone makes it possible to record lessons that include audio and video.


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