What is The Best Wood Stove Paint? FIND OUT!

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Does your wood stove need new painting? Look no further as we have some of the best paint for a wood stove listed below.

Note: Whichever one you do decide on, do not spray a stove indoors as the base solvents in most high temperature paints are not safe to breathe in and have strong purgent smells. The stove will smell for a few days after you spray it and some folks go the trouble of heating up the stove in the driveway prior to installation to reduce the offgassing. A respirator (BUY ON AMAZON) with the appropriate cartridge is recommended.

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What is The Best Wood Stove Paint

  • Stove Bright Paints

This will give your old wood stove a new, modern look! I was first recommended this product in my local store, and I’m happy I tried it. It is available on Amazon too and delivery is quite fast!


Great product and will definitely buy again. It is perfect for a grill too (painted and non-painted). It is cheap and simple to use. A perfect solution for previously painted items like stove pipes or Weber grills.

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Just remember to do the painting in a well-ventilated space or outdoors and ensure you are wearing a vapor mask (BUY ON AMAZON). This is especially true with StoveBite which is an acetone based paint. Your brain cells will thank you.

  • Rust-Oleum Paint Review

This works really well. I find the RustpOleum High Heat speciality flat black spray paint withstands up to 1200 F heat and is available on Amazon, lowes, Wal-Mart etc.


The adherence covers areas of bare metal and corrosion quite well too. It lasts as long as stove bright paints and has a pretty intense smell too.

  • Thurmalox stove Paint review


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I’ve used the stove bright and thurmalox and I don’t see much difference in durability or longevity. However, thurmatox has better quality.

  • Rutland 1200-Degree F Brush-On Flat Stove Paint


I tried this on a 70 years old fireplace and the result looks fantastic. It has a strong smell, so wear a masj and open a window!I’ve attached pictures of the fireplace transformation so you potential buyers can see what a difference this product can make.

Best Wood Stove Paint

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