What are the Best Salt Water Pool Heaters? READ REVIEWS HERE!

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Pool heaters are costly no doubt but getting the best salt water pool heater will let you use your swimming pool for longer each year and adjust the daily water temperature to your liking, making them a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Salt Water Pool Heaters Review

In no particular order, let’s check out the top recommended pool heaters for salt water:

  • Hayward W3H250FDN Universal H-Series Pool Heater

The Hayward Universal H-Series can deliver an output of 400,000 BTU per hour, depending on the size of your choosing.

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Hayward’s universal heater uses natural gas, is eco-friendly, and meets clean air-quality standards.

It makes use of a cupronickel heat exchanger, that prevents corrosion, making this heater perfect for saltwater and chemically treated in-ground pools.

Additional Benefits

The heater’s digital LED control panel lets home owners control the temperature.

It supports installation on both new and existing pool systems

The front-panel access makes maintenance an easy job.

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best salt water pool heaters

  • Hayward HP50TA 50,000 BTU Heat Pro Heat Pump


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The Hayward HP50TA HeatPro heat pump is a heavy-duty, compact-round design with anti-corrosion build makes it deliver premium and ultimate efficiency, reliability and performance even in extreme conditions.

The HeatPro titanium counterflow heat exchanger also wards off deterioration caused by coastal or saltwater conditions.

The HP50TA heat pump is an independent lab (AHRI) certified. It allows for easy installation on new or exitsing spas or pools using 2”x2½” CPVC common union connectors that also adapt to larger plumbing. Installation must be performed by a licensed and certified NEC and CEC professional.

It features durable electronic controls and scroll compressors, a profiled-fan blade, and cover to promote super-quiet operation.

  • Hayward HP21404T Heat Pro 140K BTU Heat Pump


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The Hayward HP21404T HeatPro heat pump is a bigger, more powerful, extremely quiet, square-design of the compact, but no less heavy-duty 50K BTU HP50TA HeatPro model. The HP21404T’s construction is one that prevents inefficiency, deterioration, and extreme environmental damage. T

he HP21404T titanium counterflow heat exchanger maximizes heat transfer and also withstands harsh saltwater/coastal conditions.

The HP21404T heat pump needs 220v./240v. power. You can install with ease on new or existing pools/spas or systems. It has durable electronic controls. Its scroll compressors and compressor cover provide ultra-quiet operation. This heat pump carries the CA Proposition 65 warning.

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