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There is pretty much no different between Wet Ede and PebbleTec. Wet Edge was created by some people who left PebbleTec. It all just comes down to the experience of your installer.

They each require a certified installer so pick whichever one has a better reputation according to your installer. We recently had a Wet Edge Prism Matrix Moonlight installed on a client’s pool and its really a nice deep blue and cost her only $600 more than level 1 Signature Matrix which didn’t even have an available blue design.

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Wet Edge Vs Pebble Tec vs Altima

Wet Edge

Pebble Tech



Have offices in Houston




Warranty: Limited 15 year warranty for Residential Pools & Spas



Have offices in Houston




Warranty: Limited 5 year warranty for Residential Pools & Spas

As earlier stated, WetEdge was established by some ex-PebbleTec employees/owners. They pretty much source their pebble material from the same quarries. The warranty from Wet Edge is longer (15 years) than PebbleTec (5 years).

Remember, the most crucial variable in pebble syrfaces, IMHO, is the applicator. Both of these products are widely accepted and recommended. In my area, the Wet Ede applicator has a better reputation compared to the PebbleTec one.

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Wet Edge Vs Pebble Tec

Additionally, ensure you’re comparing apples to apples – both companies feature different finishes that range in cost. So, if you’re comparing regular Pebble finish, ensure the more costly one isn’t using the smoother smaller pebbles versus the regular larger ones.

Here’s a rough pebble surface equivalents (roughest to smoothest, cheapest to most expensive):

Regular PebbleTec = WetEdge Pearl Matrix

Pebble Sheen = WetEdge Satin Matrix

Pebble Fina = WetEdge Primera Stone

We have found that Pebble Fina and Wet Edge Altima or Luna Quartz are NOT recommended for rolled or raised bond beam or water features which will not be 100% submerged all the time.

I recommend having two skimmers for a 16’x36’ pool, as anything over that would be an overkill. Try using variable speed pumps too, they’re more energy efficient but do cost more than regular pumps to buy, but should recoup their extra cost over the long run easily.

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