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There is no difference between weed trimmer and weed eater. They’re essentially the same thing as weed eater is the brand name of the first-string trimmers.

As earlier stated, a lot of people typically use Weed Eater and trimmer as synonyms the same way most people call facial tissues Kleenex (even though Kleenex is only 1 brand of facial tissue) or they say they then need to Xerox something (even though Xerox is only a brand of copier).


There are certain factors to consider before getting your weed trimmer and the main one – What goal do you want to serve?


Electric trimmers are typically lighter so they are more mobile and are easier to move around but are limited to the range of your extension cord (or the time of your battery charge if it’s cordless).

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Gas trimmers on the other hand boast of more torque so you can use them on heavier foliage (and can also swap in saw blades, etc for performing shrubs clearance and more.

Weed Eater Vs Trimmer

Weed Eater is brand name a lot of people now use to refer to as string trimmer. The string trimmer you will need will depend on how tough and large your lawn is.

For a smaller lawn and minor gras trimming, an electric weed eater is what we recommend in terms of performance and price.

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For a bigger lawn and tough weed terrain, we advise getting a gas trimmer. If you’re serious about power and performance then grab a commercial 2-cycle gas trimmer.

Take it one step further by opting for a 4-cycle trimmer. You get to save more in the long run and still help the environment.

If you really want to go green then get a decent battery powered weed eater. The good ones cost a couple of hundred bucks but work as expected.

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Weed Eater vs Trimmer

What to Look for When Buying A Weed Eater/Trimmer + Edger?

Consider the main body of the trimmer. I’d pick one that will give room for addition of larger engine sizes, and bigger heats. Plus, one that can use more than one fuel/power source.

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I find 4-stroke engine to be the best since I can use the same gas tank as my lawn mower, but I’m presently using a 2-stroke unit. Different 2-stroke engines need various fuel-oil ratios. Consider the horse power of the engine too. The bigger, the better.

There are lots of different head types out there. A string head works decently well on small & heavy grasses, while a bladed head can cut thicker stalks. I have found heavier blades to cut thicker brush so easy.

If multi-purpose is that way you want to go then consider picking a device that can easily swap heads to allow for multiple use. If you’re adding a bladed head, look for something in which blades can easily be replaced.

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