Is Water Bowl for Squirrels Good? FIND OUT

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I recommend using a cute water fall or bird bath (CHECK ON AMAZON) or a couple of heavy crock bows (CHECK ON AMAZON) full of daily fresh water.

A quick way to leave water bowl for squirrels is to put a dish that is simple enough to clean and change daily. Ensure it is shallow enough so birds who might have a tendency to drown DON’T.

There are some waterfalls (CHECK ON AMAZON) you could check on Amazon if you want.

For baby squirrels, you can put clean, smooth rocks in the bottom of the water bowl and fill the water just over them.

Additionally, it helps them learn the right way to drink water without dunking their noses in accidentally. Plus, try to place the waterfall or dish under a tree, so the squirrels aren’t exposed to predators as they drink.

For DIY enthusiasts, you can build a little wooden platform that you are able to attach to the trunk of a tree under a big branch, and cut a hole in the platform to fit a water dish into it so the water won’t easily spill this way.

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BEST ater bowl for squirrels

Best Water Bowl for Squirrels

Squirrels will drink water form a bowl, or flowing fountain.

This helps them spend less energy since they won’t be searching for water everywhere. You should empty the water bowl at night too since that will prevent predators from being drawn to your house in their bid to get water.

How do Squirrels Drink?

These animals drink water in the same manner as cats and dogs do.  When provided a bowl of water, or fountain, a squirrel will lean in and lap up the water with their tongues.

Squirrels will position themselves very close to the water and their tongue won’t extend too far into the water.

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