Vogelzang VG5790 Hopper Pellet Stove Reviews

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The Vogelzang VG 5790 Pellet Stove sits somewhere in the middle between a pellet stove and a pellet heater. Although the pellets for both heating units are the same, they are used for distinct purposes.

For most homes, a wood pellet stove serves as a supplement to their primary heating system, saving them money on their utility bills.

The thermostat and the oil or gas burner handle most of the house’s heating, while a pellet stove or wood pellet insert is seldom used.


Now that’s a different story. A 2,800-square-foot living area can be heated by a single Vogelzang VG5790 wood pellet stove, making it the biggest pellet stove on the market.

However, the Vogelzang VG5790 isn’t truly a furnace at all despite its name. Instead, Vogelzang competes primarily with Harman pellet stoves and similar types, unlike other manufacturers like Woodmaster and St. Croix, who offer actual furnaces appropriate for central heating plants.

For use as a central heating plant, the Vogelzang VG 5790 will not deliver either the BTUs or CFM required by US Stove, the parent company of Vogelzang, which manufactures the Model 8500 Multi-Fuel Furnace.

You might be interested in this Vogelzang pellet stove if you’re looking for a sizeable freestanding pellet stove.

  • VG5790 Technical Data by Vogelzang
  • Pellet stove that is freestanding and uses wood pellets
  • To heat an area of up to 2,800 square feet
  • There is enough room in the hopper for 120 pounds of wood pellets.
  • Provides up to 65,000 British thermal units (BTUs).
  • Three-inch exhaust flue collar; one 200 CFM blower
  • Time required to complete one full load: eighty hours
  • Automated Igniter
  • Power consumption is around three amps at 110 volts
  • Body mass index (BMI): 87
  • Size: 27′′ x 27-3/4′′ x 37-1/2′′ height
  • 8-inch space between the sides and the rear
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee of up to five years.
  • Approved by the EPA for mobile homes
  • Approved by the State of Washington
  • Approved in Canada
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Pellet Stove Features and Advantages:

Many people will like using the VG 5790 because of its many positive attributes. Depending on the layout of your home, the Vogelzang may be able to heat the entire space without the assistance of your furnace. In terms of aesthetics, it beats out a lot of the other pellet stove options on the market.

The big glass viewing window allows you to appreciate the atmosphere of the flames, while the clipped front corners make the appliance appear less boxy.

The hammered dark grey/black finish of the VG 5790 is simple to maintain and provides a professional appearance.

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At lower speeds, the fan that brings hot air into the house makes only a moderate amount of noise.

There are five different speeds available on the VG 5790. The lowest utilizes roughly one 40-pound bag of wood pellets per day, while the highest consumes about three bags per day. If you buy a 40-pound bag of wood pellets, you can expect to get roughly 14,000 BTUs per hour on low and up to 50,000 useable BTUs per hour on the maximum setting.

Some brands of pellets may exceed the VG 5790’s quoted output of 65,000 BTUs, but you can’t expect to operate the device at its maximum setting for long periods.

A simple wipe down of the VG 5790 will prevent any lingering grime. You must open the side panels and the front viewing door and remove the burn pot daily for routine maintenance.

Clean the viewing glass, remove the ash from the pot, then re-close it and you’re ready for another day of usage.

Remove one of two access plates every week or so to vacuum off ash that has built up on the heat exchanger’s surfaces.

A weekly or biweekly ash removal from the combustion chamber is also required. You should expect to clean the exhaust flue (not included).

Other Features

  • The biggest freestanding pellet stove on the market.
  • a breeze to clean
  • A larger hopper means fewer reloads are required.
  • Allows for precise temperature control with a variety of speeds.
  • Thanks to the remote control, the temperature may be controlled from a distance.
  • Viewing area with a lot of light
  • The performance of a combustion engine can be improved by utilizing outside combustion air.
  • Not as disruptive as some rivals
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  • When looking through a filthy viewing window,
  • While operating at higher levels, the side panels may open.
  • There is no filter on the air intake in the room.
  • It may get rather loud if you crank up the fan’s volume.


The Vogelzang VG 5790 is one of the most potent wood pellet stoves on the market. Because most pellet stoves on the market are too tiny to meet your heating needs,

Vogelzang is an excellent option for those who have put off purchasing one. You can easily clean and maintain this piece because of its thoughtful design and quality construction. Many reviewers have found it to be an excellent choice.

The Vogelzang’s large heating capacity and large hopper are popular users… Wood pellets can carry three full bags in the VG 5790, which many users appreciate.

They also talk about how simple it is to use and clean up. Highly recommended is the Vogelzang VG 5790 pellet stove

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