Honest Victory 4×4 Reviews [MY EXPERIENCE]

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To put it mildly, I was ecstatic to receive my brand new 5th Gen 4Runner Off-Road Premium.

With my civilian tank in the making, I began fantasizing about off-road excursions and conquering little nations.

The roof rack was the first piece of equipment I added to my vehicle as part of my renovation project.

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Over the course of several days, I scoured the market for off-road capability without compromising my daily driving experience, because I wasn’t in the mood to drill into my brand-new baby.

I eventually came across the Victory 4×4’s 3/4 rack. Because my 4Runner is also my daily transportation, I was hoping this product would help me reduce wind noise and increase my MPG.

On March 8th, I placed my order for the rack, and on March 26th, the pieces arrived. For the sake of completeness, I purchased a black hardware kit as well.

Victory 4×4 34 Roof Rack Review

About Victory 4×4

Triumph 4×4 is an offshoot of the original “sister firm,” a Jeep armor maker in the United States. In addition to the 4Runner, Tacoma, and Tundra, they also make accessories for other Toyota cars.

Victory 4×4 Review

So I decided to write a review of the Victory 4×4 rack because I was the second person to receive and install it.

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Please accept my apologies for the lack of unboxing photos; at the time, I didn’t consider covering all the bases for a review.

I’ll do my best to address any further questions that anyone may have.

victory 4x4 roof rack review

10/10 for clarity and conciseness in communication

My initial contact with Victory 4×4 was with Cam, who goes by the name of Victory 4×4 on this forum.

He swiftly answered all of my inquiries. Aside from the full-length roof rack and front bumper, he instructed me to contact sales and work via them to complete my final order.

On May 6th, I received and paid my invoice, and was informed that shipping would take around 10-15 business days.

I was able to communicate with sales through phone and email, and all of my messages and emails from the forums and Victory were answered the same day.

10 out of 10 for speedy delivery.

The rack was shipped in a single package. Everything was securely packed in molded packing material and shrink-wrapped to the hilt.

There were no blemishes or shipping problems for me. As for my front bumper and skid, they were both hits from the same direction.

10 out of 10 for turnaround time.

It took 13 business days from the time I placed my order on May 6 to the time I received a shipment notification on May 22.

The bumper, skid, or molle panel might have caused my delivery to be a little delayed, as I received my shipping notice at the same time as everything else.

Victory 4×4 Review

It’s a 10 out of 10 for the quality of the workmanship.

The situation is completely uncomplicated. Following the internet youtube video, everything had a perfect powder coat.

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After installing the front and rear fairing posts, I climbed on top of the rack with no difficulty. They fit well with the 4Runner’s installation points.

10 out of 10 for ease of installation.

Not much to say here; the rack’s webpage includes a youtube video that clearly demonstrates how to assemble and install the rack.

My neighbor helped me put it on the roof without any difficulty. There are rubber boots on the front of the rack that sits on the car for the middle and rear mounts, which are seen in the photos below and in the third post.

Issues that Occur After the Installation

So, here are the problems I had with the rack.

In order to put it into the 4Runner, they gave two screws, however, they didn’t fit.

  1. The weatherstrip was zip-tied so firmly that it was substantially bent.

In addition, the front support legs would not come into contact with the car.


On Monday night, I had trouble with the front support legs, so I sent a private message to Cam and he replied the next morning at 8:20 am to say he was taking my photos and contacting his tech team to see if they could help.

As soon as I got a call from my original sales rep from the order, he sent me 2 new screws and a new weatherstrip, which were accidentally mixed up with the ordinary screws.

At the time, I was informed that the front mount was undergoing a redesign in order to accommodate a wider range of mounting heights. On Saturday, I received the new front brackets.

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It was on Monday night that I had problems with two screws, the weatherstrip, and the front mounts not securing the vehicle.

By Saturday, all three problems had been fixed and all parts had been substituted.


It’s first and foremost a robust piece. With all of my weight on a single beam, there was little to no flex.

According to the Victory 44 website, it is safe for dynamic loads up to and including 250 pounds. The roof is far more likely to fail than this rack is.

It wasn’t intended for this, but my roof is now more protected. MY neighbor closed the garage door on it, but nothing happened.

For the last three months, I’ve been cruising around in it with hardly any wind noise at all. At speeds between 25 and 35 mph, the sunroof is the only way I can tell it’s there.

It’s been the same for me in terms of mileage. With no problems, I just recently went on a 1,200-mile road trip without the rack at all.

Conspicuous absence: The rack is only a few inches taller than the standard rails, so it’s still easy to slip under or around it.


This isn’t a full-length rack, though it seems like one.

Do not use a full-length rack, once again.

Final thought

As a whole, I am really pleased with Victory’s products and customer service. A few glitches don’t bother me because I’m only one of two people who’ve installed it; the real test was Victory’s lightning-fast response time in resolving my concerns.

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