[For Restoration/Repair?] UltraGuard Pool Paint or Coating Review

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The Ultraguard Pool paint is an amazing epoxy pool coating that can be used to refinish swimming pools without the need for re-plastering or expensive fiberglass matting.

UltraGuard Pool Paint or Coating Review

UltraGuard is completely non-poroius coating that is impervous to acids, chemicals, and chlorine.

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Like a superglue, the UltraGuard swimming pool surface forms a permanent bond with the substrate, and hardly suffers from a rough finish, blisters, pop offs, chalking and delaminating.

Its pool re-surfacing finishing will never be rough. That means no scuffed knees or elbows and no bleeding as you swim.


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The UltraGuard swimming pool finishing system resists lots of stains making the surface super simple to clean. Iron stains are hard to get rid of.

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UltraGuard Pool Paint

When you use UltraGuard swimming pool resurfacing system, your pool becomes maintenance free in terms of algae buildup. If by chance this happens, then UltraGuard does not become a permanent host for the bacteria making it easy to remove.

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