Trouble Free Pool Test Kit Comparison – H2H Battle!

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Without question, homeowners need to test their own water using tests kits such as Trouble-Free Pool test kits. It’s quicker, more accurate and faster than pool store testing.

We recommend using either – the TF-100 (BUY ON AMAZON) or Taylor K-2006C test kit (BUY ON AMAZON). They have both proven to be user-friendly, affordable, and reliable for the typical homeowner. Plus, the feature what is known as the “FAS/DPD chlorine test” which will allow you to test chlorine levels up to 50ppm. But, I prefer the K-2006C since it offers more.

These kits help you test chlorine levels (even high ones) so you know when to kill and remove algae and/or other contaminants that may be visible or not visible to your eyes.

Trouble Free Pool Test Kit Comparison

Cyanuric Acid


Taylor K-2006 / Leslie’s 81329 1

TFTestkits TF-1002

Taylor K-2006C

LaMotte 7022

TFTestkits TF-100 with XL Option2

Chlorine FAS/DPD ~25 tests ~70 tests ~70 tests ~70 tests ~140 tests
Combined Chloramines ~100 tests ~100 tests ~100 tests ~100 tests ~100 tests
Chlorine OTO NO ~100 tests NO NO ~100 tests
pH Test ~100 tests ~100 tests ~100 tests ~144 tests ~100 tests
Total Alkalinity ~50 tests ~70 tests ~144 tests ~70 tests ~70 tests
~6 tests ~15 tests ~25 tests ~100 tests ~15 tests
Calcium Hardness ~50 tests ~36 tests ~144 tests ~70 tests ~36 tests
Warranty 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months
Internet Price Roughly $58-65 $70 Roughly $80-100 Roughly $108 $90
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How to Read Trouble Free Pool Test Kit

Trouble Free kits are reliable, and offer accurate readings. Let’s see a step-by-step guide to using these chemical test kits today.

Remember that different products come with different instructions and should be used as specified by the manufacturer.

  • Open your test kit. Take out its vials and rinse with your pool water (cover included).
  • Dip the tester to a foot deep in the pool for an accurate sample to be gotten beneath, not above the swimming pool.
  • Look at the vials level and ensure the sample is filled to the labeled column indicated by the manufacturer. For an accurate reading, you would need the appropriate ratio of water to the solution.
  • Now, Add 5 drops of the chemical to the column reserved for testing chlorine for. That is a general way to run the test for free chlorine and residual chlorine. However, some kits might have different instructions and looks so read the label body and follow directions.
  • Next, cover the vial with its cap and mix the solution with the pool water. Wait for some seconds to notice the color change. Once settled, the color will change. Next, Compare the color in the vial with that of the indicator on the plastic tester.
  • Wait for some time again (maybe 5 minutes), and compare the color again to be sure of the reading.
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Some brands may include a single kit to test for free chlorine and residual chlorine.

  • Rinse the vials one more time and take another sample a foot deep from the pool to prepare for another pH level test.
  • The last step is to add 5 drops of solution 2 to the pH indicator (red phenol indicator) and mix gently. Compare the color change to the one on the standard plastic tester to know the pH level. Note: If the pH level is above 7.6, add some acid to bring the pH down but if it is below 7.4, add some alkalinity to raise the pH level.
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Where Can I Get A Good Test Kit?

The TF-100 can be gotten on online vendors website such as AMAZON and eBay in singles or in bulk. If you chose the K-2006C test kit, it’s important to look for the K-2006”C” which means “commercial size” reagent bottles. You want those larger bottles. Locally, you may find the Taylor K-2005 kit, but it’s missing the all-important FAS/DPD chlorine test. So if you already have the K-2005, go to AMAZON or and order the FAS/DPD which converts your K-2005 to a K-2006 test kit.

trouble free pool test kit comparison


Easy to use home kits have now make testing your pool really easy. Simply get one and follow it’s instructions. Good luck!

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