Threaded Pvc Fittings Leaking – HOW TO FIX YOURSELF!

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Is your threaded PVc fittings leaking?

The joint might be looking good but there might be a chance you over tightened it. If so,  It might crack but it can also just be plain too tight and the threads bottom out and screw up the joint.

Recommendation: Remake the joint. Next, clean it well, then screw it in about ½ more than hand tight. After which you can turn on the pump. If it is not leaking, leave it alone but if it does, tighten it ever so slowly until it stops.

Alternative: Before you cut it up, first loosen the union and then screw the whole piece out. Ensure you use Teflon tape (BUY ON AMAZON) only, then wrap all but the bottom 2 threads twice and then re-tighten as per the forst recommendation shared here.

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Note: While removing the piece, it is wise to note the angle of the 90 (where it is pointing: 9 o’clock, 3’oclock, etc.) as the threads disengage the mutliport valve. To do this gently pull the piece out while unscrewing – you will feel it “let go” when the threads disengage. Place the piece in the same orientation when re-threading it. Hopefully this will land your union in the same place.

Hayward recommends teflon tape only (BUY ON AMAZON) and notes paste may allow over tightening and could crack their fittings.

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Threaded Pvc Fittings Leaking

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How to Permanently Fix a Plastic Threaded Fittings Leak

I bet you most likely cracked the fittings. I use no Teflon tape – sealant instead on plastic fittings and never overtighten since that hurts, not helps.

Also, there’s Teflon tape and there’s Teflon tape. Some are better and thicker quality than others. Most of the ones sold at the big box stores are super thin and 4 wraps will not be enough.

I recommend using the blue monster tape (BUY ON AMAZON) with a dab of Teflon paste. Supper effective!

I also use the Monster pipe thread in place of the crappy micro thin white tape and the appropriate pipe does evenly spread over the male pipe thread after using 4 layers of tape. I used the same tighening procedure which is hand tight then 1.25 turn using a wrench. the result: ZERO leaks at the water pump and tank connections. Problem solved

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Dope that makes use of the wrong oil, such as , such as mineral oil, WILL soften the PVC. Use a compound which says it is safe for PVC and there is no such problem.

As for picking the best safe sealant for PVC/plastic, I recommend Hercules Megaloc Thread Sealant. I have tried tape with sealer in an attempt to seal the crappy plastic fittings but this works better (in my opinion).

Lots of approved sealants exist on the market but, the instruction on the can WILL tell you if it can be used with PVC.

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a trial and share your experience with us all!

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