Is Your Thermostatic Shower Valve Stuck on Hot/Cold? – DIY FIX!

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Is your thermostatic shower valve stuck and you can’t turn? Follow our easy DIY guide to fix your issue now.

Stuck shower thermostatic valve Problems and Solutions

  • Help! The shower thermostatic valve has snapped with half of it stuck inside (the front and centre of the valve are out).

Grab an appropriate size Allen hex bit and use with a ½” or 3/8” square socket extension to try and unscrew through the hex at the bottom.

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If it doesn’t turn then there is no way it is going to come out by pulling. However, if it does (even a tiny-itty bit) turn, add a small amount of WD40 or similar, and a bit more turning might loosen it enough to pull out with pliers. If the thermostatic capsule is out, you can try pouring boiling water on the valve.

The thermal shock of expansion might finally make it loosen a little bit.

Yes, measuring the hex is no child’s play but you might try different round bars until you find one that fits well, then the diameter provides you with the “across the flats” measurement. Alternatively, the head of a long bolt, or, as a last resort, plasticine on a long rod.

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If you own, rent or borrow, a set of set of Allen hex bits, no need for the foregoing.

Check your valve – are they broken? In most cases, they normally come apart; with the two parts screwed together and sealed with something like high strength locking compound. The hex is also normally used to screw the two parts together during production. So, if the thread lock fails, the cartridge will come apart as yours has.

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Thermostatic Shower Valve Stuck

  • My Shower thermostatic Valve Stuck So We Can’t Fix Shower

Take off the handles to get to the thermostatic valve then try twisting it clockwise with a plie, and if it isn’t unscrewing then you need to relieve all the water pressure behind the valve.

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After that, try to put some force into it. You could try an impact wrench too. Ensure your wrenches or sockets are good so you don’t end up striping the valve. Chances are that you probably have a buildup of corrosion making the valve hard to turn. Plus, ensure the hardware store is open in case you unknowingly break something.

  • Can I Use Vinegar On Stuck Shower Thermostatic Valve

Do you have a two-knobbed shower (on/off, and temperature control)? Do they now suffer from limescale?

I recommend soaking in a white vinegar/hot water so that the thermostatic cartridge can be freed. Try getting some seal kit o Rings and Silicon grease too.

Good Luck!

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