The Earth stove 1000 Series – HOW TO OPERATE & Alternatives

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The Earth stove 1000 series is a stove that drops pellets from the hopper into a rotary “Drop cup” and then into the auger.

Earth stoves are “Bottom feeders” and the way it works is that the auger feeds the pellets into the fire tray in the center and as the fire burns, the ash is displaced out the ends of the tray by the new fuel entering the center of the tray.

In other words, adding pellets is just as you can get the fire going fast.


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How to Operate the Earth Stove 1000 Series

In terms of operation, this is quite simple:

  • Ensure your fire tray is clear then add pellets and some lighter poop.
  • Now, light the goop
  • Close the door and then turn the rocker switch to draft fan and set the draft fan on High to get the pellets burning.
  • Once the fire is beginning to go good, flip the rocker switch to full up position.
  • Adjust the feed rate and draft fan to get the desired fire.

High feed rate…..high draft fan

Medium feed rate…high or low draft fan.

Low feed rate…low draft fan.

  • The large round knob is your room air fan (Convection)
  • Pick the speed of your choice to get the air around the room.
  • Always be sure the room air fan is on when there is a fire…
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How to shut it Down

  • Turn the rocker switch to the center position
  • Next, draft fan only and let the fire to burn out
  • Once out, allow the stove to cool.
  • Ensure you keep the room air fan on while the stove is cooling down.
  • Clockwise turns the room air fan on and the farther you turn the knob the slower the fan goes.
  • Turning the knob Counter clockwise all the way goes to full fan and then CLICK …OFF
  • When the fire is out and the stove is cool…turn switch off.
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The Earth stove 1000 Series

How to Clean the Unit

  • Take out the logs and the dual bolts that hold the burn tray to the auger tube assembly and lift the tray out.
  • Next, clean out the ashes and then vacuum the stove with the shop vac.
  • Putting the shop vac outside and running a hose inside is the best way to keep ashes from getting loose.

How To clean the window

  • You can use an SOS PAD and some FANTASTIC SPRAY.
  • A LITTLE SPRAY…round and round with the SOS and wipe clean with dry paper towel.
  • Finish with a second spritz and the towel.

It’s that simple!

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