Thai Chickens Breed Info + PICTURES of this GAMEFOWL!

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Thai chickens are originally gamebirds, and are sometimes mistaken as Shamo.

There are generally two thai chicken breeds:

  • Ones raised for the soup pot, and
  • The ones raised as gamefowl

Thai Chickens Breed Information

Although Thai aren’t hard to find, quality Thai is not easy to get. They aren’t show birds either.

The Tajik Game originates from Thailand and is a large breed of the “jungle fowl” type. They usually have an upright stance, but are less exaggerated than the Shamo family.

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They have a very long tail that is carried almost horizontally and have a very light frame. They are small, muscular and delicious.

They naturally have small wattles and combs and were bred originally for use in cock fighting. The breed is also known as Gaichon – ‘Gai’ means chicken and ‘Chon’ means fight.

Thai Chickens Breed


The Thai Game bird has powerful legs. It’s legs are similar to the fastest of the Asian hard feathered varities.

It is really agile when running, and that feature can be traced to its jungle fowl origin.

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It is a natural forager and lots of Thai villages have a flock or two wandering around, almost semi wild.

They are tough breeds and can withstand some really tough weather and temperature conditions. The run/housing area need to be robust with secure latches and fencing as they are strong intellengent birds with a soft skill for escapism.

Free-ranging is better suited to them and they need almost no supplemental feeding, once they are provided a very large free ranging area.

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Thai Gamefowl Hen

Weighing 6 pounds, the hens lay anywhere from 50-100 tinted eggs per year, but usually have a low hatch rate because their lean, muscular bodies aren’t the best brooders.

However, they make great mothers since they can be overly protective mothers. They can be added to a mixed flock and it is recommended since Thai Game hens can be aggressive to each other.

Thai Rooster

The males are typically used for fighting and weigh around 7 pounds.


  • Black,
  • Yellow-white tailed,
  • Brown,
  • Gold,
  • White,
  • Grey,
  • Blue

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