Tf-100 Vs K-2006 Test Kits Comparison

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Are you looking for the difference between Tf-100 vs K-2006 test kits? Wondering if the TF-100 is worth the additional $$$? Well, it does have more reagents so it will last longer and it comes with an OTO Total Bromine/Chlorine test that the Taylor K-2006 lacks.



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Comapare Tf-100 Vs K-2006 Test Kits

The OTO test kit is beneficial to people who want to perform fast checks where the chlorine level may be high since the OTO test won’t bleach out, but it is more used in pools than in spas.

  • Difference in PH levels

The ph levels in the K-2006 is a larger tube, but with a narrower range (7.0, 7.2, 7.4, 7.6, 7.8, 8.0) while the TF-100 has a smaller comparator unit and a wider pH range but in larger steps (6.8, 7.2, 7.5, 7.8, 8.2).

Personally, I have taken a liking to the K-2006 ph test, but several other people prefer the TF-100 pH test (which is based on the Taylor K-1000 that also has the OTO chlorine test).

  • Price Comparison and Reagents

You can do chlorine and ph tests most frequently, though once you get your pH fairly stable it’s really the chlorine test that is done the most. The TF-100 has 36% more volume of most reagents compared to the K-2006, but for the FAS-DPD titrating drops (and the CYA test, though you won’t use that as much), it’s 172% more volume.

To get something similar with Amato, just looking at the FAS-DPD titrating drops, you would get the R-0871 in the 2 oz. bottle for $7.36 so the Taylor K-2006 test kit from Amato is still a little less expensive when factoring in reagent sizes, though it depends on whether you need the 36% more reagents for the other non-chlorine tests in the TF-100.

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Tf-100 Vs K-2006 Test Kits

  • Design

Taylor kits are packaged in a neater, and more compact design while the TF-kit uses more storage space.


I have got both test kits and to ne honest, they are both quite good. I use Taylor reagents and their competitions. Most pool owners at Trouble Free Pool choose the TF-100 while most people on spa forum with spas choose the Taylor K-2006. It’s a personal choice.

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