Taylor K-2006 Vs K2006c Vs K2005 Comparison

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Last week, we did a comparison of Tf-100 and K-2006 test kits.

Today, we shall be comparing taylor k-2006 vs k2006c vs K2005

Taylor K-2006 Vs K2006c Vs K2005 Comparison

The K2005 (BUY ON AMAZON)  is a color-matching DPD test that is practical only to around 4 ppm chlorine; more than 10 ppm of chlorine, it begins to read LOWER, rather than higher.

The K2006 (BUY ON AMAZON) was introduced to replace the color-match of the K2005 with the DPD FAS test that provides accurate result up to around 50 ppm of chlorine.

The “A’ version of these kits (the K2006/K2005 with no letter) features 3/4 oz reagent bottles. The ‘C’ versions on the other hand have 2 oz bottles, or about 3x as much for less than 2x the price.

taylor k-2006 vs k2006c

As for how many tests with different reagent sizes, the reagent bottles boasts of 24 drops per ml so the 0.75 ounce (“A” size Taylor) bottles have 532 drops while the 1 ounce TF100 bottles have 710 drops and the 2 ounce (“C” size Taylor) bottles have 1420 drops. So for tests that use 10 drops (100 ppm TA or 5 ppm FC with a 10 ml sample or 2 ppm FC with a 25 ml sample) divide these drop counts by 10 to get the number of tests. Most of the indicator dyes use 5 drop.

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