GAS/ Electric Tankless Water Heater for Hot Tub? FIND OUT!

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Are you wondering if anyone is using a tankless water heater to heat a spa or pool? Let’s find out below!

Tankless water heaters sold for residential hot water heating are made to produce a relatively large temperature gain on water at a relatively low flow rate. A pool or spa requires a relatively small temperature gain on a relatively large floe rate. That means their design criteria are REALLY different. So, attempting to use either one in the other context can and will lead to severe problems.

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I recommend getting a heater that is made for spas/pools. In this manner, a proper spa/pool heater will outlast the tankless water heater many years later. I own a pool heater that is in its 15th year now and still works great!

Should I Use Tankless Water Heater to Fill Hot Tub?

Instead of using a tankless water heater hot tub, I recommend spending the money on a real pool heater. You enjoy better output, and better efficiency instead of using a tankless heater and getting only two seasons.

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Additionally, the output of these house tankless water heaters isn’t just enough to heat a large quantity of water (like swimming pools). Plus, their heat exchanger isn’t built large enough to allow proper flow. As earlier stated, these units are made specifically for low flow.

Tankless Water Heater for Hot Tub

At first glance, using tankless heaters for spas or pools may seem to be saving you money but I can guarantee you that you will be buying multiple tankless water heaters in the lifespan of a typical pool heater.

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Lastly, choosing a tankless water heater to heat your pool or spa will lead to dissapointments as most water heaters run from 40-60,000BTU, while Pool boilers for 20,000GAL pools run from 100-400,000BTU.

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I hope that helps!

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