Is Your Summer Waves Pool Pump Leaking? QUICK FIX!

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Is your summer waves pool pump leaking from the bottom pump? You should try removing the motor nut, and make sure the gasket was in correct place and tightened the motor nut. Then put the skimmer/pump back on the pool and hope it works.

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If that doesn’t work then you should try the rest of the fixes we recommend below:

Summer Waves Pool Pump Leaking from The Bottom Pump

  • Petroleum Jelly

You can use petroleum jelly. Just put a thick bead over the gasket and tightened the motor nut. So far, I have had really good success with this.

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Summer Waves Pool Pump Leaking

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  • Plumbers Grease

You should try Plumbers grease. It’s basically for plumbing parts and cartridges with rubber components. Big box or hardware will have it. It is typically sold in a toothpaste like tube.

I used it on my neighbours O-Ring and gaskets this spring and it worked.

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