Stonescapes Vs Pebble Tec For Pool Builders

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They’re basically the same thing. Pebbletec is simply a brand name that specially deals to one installer per market. Stonescapes on the other and is made by NPT and it’s available at distributors to everybody. Stonescapes is more commonly preferred than Pebbletec, and NPT has been in the pool business for ages.

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Stonescapes Vs Pebble Tec

Thy are both almost the same thing.

Pebble Tec spends heavily on adverts so their price are typically higher. Pebble Tec applicators also add extra so they can offer you a lifetime warranty.

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I use the mini pebbles (pebble sheen) 99% of the time and Tropics Blue is my favorite followed by Midnight Blue then Tahoe.

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Stonescapes Vs Pebble Tec

Other Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the products truly the same?

Yeah, they are. Basically, it is just cement and pebbles mixed together to form an equal pool finish.

  • Is one a better quality than the other?

Actually, No. The difference is the applicator’s expertise.

  • Do they cost a builder the same amount of money or is one more economical to buy?

In my area, Stonescapes is much cheaper while PebbleTec costs more money. However, both will serve you for at least 20 YEARS.

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