Starlight Green Egger Chicken Breed – FULL INFO!

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A starlight green egger is a cross between a blue egg and brown egg layer. This particular breed of Starlight Green we are talking about today are sold by Hoover Hatchery and is a cross between a Praire Bluebell Egger and a brown egg chicken.

Starlight Green Egger Chicken Information

Starlight Green Egger Bred mainly for egg layer production
Egg production 280 medium green eggs per year
Temperament Active, and easy going
Weight 5-6 lbs
Hardiness Cold and heat hardy
Comb type Pea Comb
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The Starlight Green Egger is quite similar to the Prairie Bluebell Egger and this breed was created by crossing the Prairie Blueball Egger with a brown egg layer.

starlight green egger chicken

The end result of this crossing is a chicken breed that lays high amounts of only green eggs. As the name suggests, this breed is lightweight and is very active.

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It does excellent in free-range situations and forages good. The plumage color is also highly variable and comes in plenty of beautiful color patterns not commonly seen.

If you need a bird that consistently lays a green egg and will lay plenty of them then this is the one you should go for!

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It will be a colorful addition to your flock!

Note: There’s a 5% chance of laying brown eggs with this hybrid.

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