Spray Deck vs Kool Deck vs Sundek vs Acrylic – QUICK COMPARISON!

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As a pool owner, we understand how tough it can be to the best option of redoing your outdoor living area. The difference between Spray deck vs Kool deck vs Acrylic even makes it more confusing at times.

That is why we are here – We will help breakdown every term including their advantages and disadvantages and allow you decide which best suits your needs the most.

Spray Deck vs Kool Deck vs Sundek vs Acrylic

Kool Deck is cooler to walk on, but attracts stains when compared to Spray Deck. Spray Deck is a much safer option to walk on as it is less slippery and also is less likely to get stained or damaged.

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Kool Deck can only be applied to new concrete (as I understand), whereas Sundek can be applied to an already existing concrete.

Sundek is not susceptible to staining. While I was at my sister’s house, I successfully cleaned it with a water horse many times, and if it ever got stained, they come off with a light power-washing – not too strong though or the surface might get damaged. I belive Kook Deck may be even more durable in terms of pressure washing.

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Note: Spraydeck and sundeck are both acrylic but kooldeck is not.

In summer, KoolDeck is cooler than the rest but not as durable as the Acrylic finishes and will chip and can come up if you use a pressure washer.

KoolDeck offers you opportunities to walk on the deck all year whereas with Acrylic finishes you will burn your feet in the summer.

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Note: Acrylic finish is meant to have 3 coats – a primer, the texture and the finish coat. Some deck companies simply use the texture coat and ignore the finish and primer coats. If they quote 3 coats then make sure they actually put down all three coats.

Though all options offer valid methods options for deck resurfacing, the ultimate decision is up to you.

No matter which method you pick, choosing a contractor with the proper know-how for installation is the secret towards a successful outdoor makeover.

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