DURABILITY & STURDINESS – Splash Super Pool Reviews

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Splash super pool Round package is perhaps the best above ground pool for its price range. So, if what you need is a pool that will serve you for many years to come, then you can’t go wrong with this strong yet durable inflatable pool.

Splash Super Pool Reviews

This pool will need more preparation and assembly than the likes of Intex’s above ground pool options. You wouldn’t want to move it around much when assembled too but the quality is premium.

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It comes with strong painted hot-dipped galvanized steel components, an all-weather 20 gauge vinyl liner that withstands everyday use all year round, an A-frame resin ladder with safety barrier, 1 HP sand filter with wide mouth thru-the-wall skimmer, lifetime customer support, and a 35 year warranty.

Splash Super Pool Reviews

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Splash Pools Above Ground Pool Options & Packages

Splash Pools are available in round in various sizes. You can find them from about $600 to $900.

The round above ground pools are available in the following sizes:

  • 12′ round, 42″ deep
  • 15′ round, 42″ deep
  • 18′ round, 42″ deep

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What Comes in the Splash Pool Set?

  • Pool ladder
  • Filter pump
  • Durable vinyl liner
  • Liner upgrade options
  • Skimmer
  • Galvanized steel structural supports
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It is a much better solution to Intex above ground pools

It is durable and sturdy.

It does an excellent job at withstanding weather elements for many years

It features a 35-year limited warranty.


The pool lacks mobility. Once a location is set, it will be hard to move them.

Also, you will need extra pair of hands to complete the installation since they are larger and much sturdier than inground pools.

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