[PICTURES] Southern Rambler Chicken Breed & Rustic Rambler

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Also called the mystic onyx chicken, the Southern rambler chicken is a mix of different breeds. One of the predominate breeds used is the Ayam Cemani.

The breed was originally developed by Danny Elland who happens to be the former owner of S&G Poultry.

Danny spent most of his years practicing poultry genetics and is actually one of the few American geneticists who understands the complicated world of Poultry Genetics.

So, the Southern Ranbler breed is basically a mix of Silkie/Chicken cross without losing Bantam Silkie characteristics such as 5 toes, black skin, and soft feathers.

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Southern Rambler Chicken Breed

BREED Southern Rambler Chicken
Temperament Docile
Egg Production 150-200 eggs each year
Egg Color Light brown/cream colored egg
Color Mostly black with some brown feathers
Weight Adult males weigh 6 lbs and adult females weigh 5.5 lbs

The Southern Midnight is a beautiful addition to the homestead.

Southern Rambler Chicken Breed

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Rustic Rambler Chicken Information

BREED Rustic Rambler Chicken
Temperament Quiet
Egg Production 260-280 eggs each year
Egg Color Dark brown
Color Mostly black with some brown feathers
Weight Adult males weigh 6 lbs and adult females weigh 4.8 – 5lbs
Average Egg Weight Average Egg Weight = 62.5 Grams – L to XL
Lifespan 5 years+

Rustic Rambler Chicken information

Commonly confused with the Southern rambler fowl, the Rustic Rambler Parent stock is imported from the Czech Republic and is a cross between a Black Copper Maran Male and a Barred Rock Female.

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Both parents lines will lay a darker than normal egg but most of the dark color is thanks to the father line.

arent lines lay a darker than normal egg but the majority of the dark color comes from the father line.  Most breeds that lay a dark egg are not economical due to low egg numbers and high appetite, the Rustic Rambler gives an excellent balance of beautiful dark eggs with profitability.

This breed is color sexable at day of age.

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