Skim-A-Round Vs Skimdoctor 2.0- HONEST OPINION

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The difference between skim a round vs skim doctor works with the poll’s skimmer while a skim, a round model, can work as the ONLY skimmer. However, both will work great at leaves and dirt removal from your inground pool or above ground pool.

Skim A Round Vs Skimdoctor 2.0

The different types of skimmers out on the market are usually many but let’s check out two of the best types – Skim around models and Skim doctor.

  • Skim Doctor Model


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Utilizing the best of technology means this model creates a vortex that changes your pool’s skimmer to collect more hair, bugs, pollen, and leaves. In fact, it is so effective that you can clean a pool 3x faster than other skimmer types out there.

One thing I find fascinating is that the skim doctor features slots in the inner tube. These slots help it speed up water flow into your swimming pool skimmer.

By doing so, the SD narrow slots help speed up the surface water speed. The device also uses the Bernoulli principle which explains why water flows faster on a narrow surface.

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Increased water velocity and energy-saving are two of the primary benefits of the skimmer. It also increases the lifespan of your pool’s pump since you wouldn’t need to frequently run it.

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  • Skim A Round


A skim a round model can sever as either the primary or an extra skimmer for your pool. It allows for easy attachment to a vacuum line or the bottom hole of the pool’s skimmer to take out all the debris and leaves from your facility.

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The different little openings on this model allows water to move at an higher velocity to create more suction force.

The last cool thing about this model is that its skimmer floats on the surface of the water.

Skim A Round Vs Skimdoctor


Whichever one you buy; you won’t regret it – that’s for sure. You will enjoy the best of either. We have reviewed both products from actual use of the two device and we still did not find a problem using these products.

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