Should My Hot Tub Pump Run All the Time [Yes, Here’s Why]

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Yes! Generally, you want the circulation pump running all the time. This keeps the water fresh and warm. That said, look for the settings for the filter cycle. That is usually what controls the circulation pump. If it is a Gecko system, there are settings for how long the filter cycle runs from continuous to something less than that. So, check for that.

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Should My Hot Tub Pump Run All the Time?

Absolutely! Circulation pumps typically do two things:

  • Consistent filtration of the water, and
  • Push water through the heater.

So yes, your hot tub pump should be constantly on, and it’s not a problem, at all. In addition to the circ pump, you should be able to set addition filter cycles using the main pump (s).

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If your circuit logic is the same as my tub then, above 95 degrees, the circ pump will shut off if the actual water temperature is too high above the programmed temperature (2 degrees on my tub). This is to stop the pump from putting any extra heat into the system if you live somewhere very hot like AZ for example.

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Pros of running Hot tub

  • Prevent Stagnant Water from Breeding mosquitos and other bugs, as well as breed bacteria.
  • It saves time. When you’re ready for a soak, you don’t want to wait hours for your hot tub to heat up.

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