Should I Run My Pool Pump When It Rains or Not? FIND OUT!

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Do you run pool pump while raining? Stick to your normal pump and filtering schedule. Makes no difference to the water if it is raining or not.

Should I Run My Pool Pump When It Rains or Not?

Yes! Run your pool to correct chemical & physical changes.

Heavy rainfall changes these two factors. Plus, adds in extra water that you don’t need. So, it is best to keep your pool pump run during a downpour.

Should I Run My Pool Pump When It Rains

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How Does Rain Affect Pool Water?

Rain water has high acid levels that lower your Pool’s PH level and might result in your filtration and pool’s heat pump system.

It makes your water irritate your skin and eyes if left alone.

It adds different atmospheric irritants (leaves, dust, sand, twigs etc.) to your pool and spa.

This extra debris can clog your filter, and negatively change YOUR PH, and can trigger serious issues if left untreated.

The best method in dealing with algae issues is to make use of an algaecide (BUY ON AMAZON), and this come in handy and goes a long way.

Ways to Manage Your Pool During Rainy Season

There are different methods to managing your spa and pool during a rainy season when it comes. Do the following:

  • Maintain Proper Circulation

Clean all baskets in your pool filtration system. Remove any debris or clogs found in them so that the pump will work at a great rate.

It guarantees that the algaecide will move around in the pool area to stop algae from growing.

  • Maintain Proper Filtration

A perfect filtration system will trap all dead debris or algae moving around your pool.

As long as everything is working, you don’t have to worry about algae buildup.

Can You Run The Equipment In The Rain?

Well, it depends on how long you run it for. I recommend a quick use in the rain if you must use at all. Some parts of the machine might suffer from corrosion from the water and hot temperature and metal used within the equipment.

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