Should I Get a Hot tub or Not [with a Lounger/My Pool] – FIND OUT

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Like you, there are lots of people asking – Should I get a hot tub or not? Find Out if it is worth it or not.

Should I Get a Hot tub or Not

There are plenty benefits to owning the right tub. In addition to the benefits, we’ve added beginner mistakes to buying hot tubs and how to avoid them:

  • Focusing Too Much On the Initial Cost of the Hot Tub

The biggest mistake perhaps is focusing too much on the original price of the hot tub without properly thinking of the ongoing costs. While the purchase price is a crucial factor, focusing only on that will cost you more in the long run.

Before buying a particular hot tub, we recommend considering the “long term costs” of the hot tub; that is how much it will cost to run, maintain and fix over its whole life. Some hot tubs might cost less than $2000 but might it might take close to $10000 over its lifetime in additional energy costs and extra repair bills.

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So, while being mindful of how much your new hot tub will cost to buy, you also should be sure it is well built, is energy efficient and uses quality parts.

  • Forgetting about Installation Costs

By not considering installation costs, you might be shocked when you get quoted anywhere from $1,000-$2,000 for installation costs.

These installations can costs include:


Electrical hook-up

Chemicals and accessories (cover lifter, steps etc.)

A base to put the hot tub on (concrete slab, deck etc.)

  • Not Considering your Need for a Hot tub

By not understanding why you’re buying a hot tub in the first place, you might just go for any. However, since our needs are different, you could buy for the following reasons:


Pain Relief

Entertaining and reconnecting with family and friends

You should define which best suits your needs, and pinpoint which hot tubs features your needs, and filter out the hot tubs that don’t.

  • Not Considering the Location of the Hot Tub

I recommend measuring your available space before choosing a hot tub.

  • Underestimating the Amount of Maintenance Required

Maintenance is a common complaint amongst hot tub owners. Some tubs are hard to drain and refill/add chemicals.

When it comes to maintenance, not all hot tub is created equal. So, you should pay attention to the filtration system of the hot tub before paying $$$ for it.

Tubs with a good filtration system efficiently cleans water, reducing the amount of chemicals and maintenance required to run the hot tub. A bad filtration system on the other hand, needs frequent attention to run properly.

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  • Picking a Hot Tub with The Wrong Jets

The proper size and correct placement of jets on hot tubs cannot be overemphasized. Be on the lookout for jets that mimic the shape of your back (wider at the bottom and top, thinner through the middle) rather than ones arranged in straight diamond or lines.

Jet placement can be just as important, or even better, than the jets themselves. So, pick a hot tub with jets that follow the natural shape of your back.

  • Not Dealing with A Reputable Dealer

Dealing with dodgy dealers can be a pain in the butt. Instead, buy from honest, reputable dealers so your hot tub buying experience will not be ruined.

Like it or not, Poor after sales service will ruin your smooth memory of buying luxury for yourself.

So, consider:

  • How long the dealer has been in business for?
  • Their reputation
  • Support for servicing of their products

Should I Get a Hot tub or Not

Wrapping Up

So, Should I get a hot tub in the UK? It doesn’t matter where you are, this is a luxury you should have if you can afford it. Consider avoiding the 7 common hot tub buying mistakes can help make sure you get the best that meets your needs and provides great value for years to come.

Should I Get a Hot Tub or A Pool?

Pools and hot tubs are identical in lots of ways. However, the primary factor to consider would be the size and nature of your own space.

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Do you have a very large backyard and don’t mind giving your pool a lot of space? Then go for it, by all means!

Do you prefer something smaller or don’t have a lot of space? Hot tubs for the win!

At the end of the day, even your personal preferences matter a lot. Some people still prefer the intimacy of a hot tub, even when they have the space for a pool. It is completely down to you.

Should I Get a Hot Tub with A Lounger?

A lounger is simply an area in a position that places your feet up and your shoulders back with your head on a rest.

It’s like lying in a bad of soothing warm water. At times, manufacturers put too many jets in there and it allows your hips to float up when you recline, then you feel as if you must hold on to keep from floating out into the hot tub, again making you hold on in a less-than-relaxing manner.

Should I Get a Hot Tub with My Pool?

There are several benefits to getting a hot tub with your pool. Here are some:

  • Ease muscle pains and aches
  • Unwind after a long swim
  • Enjoy socializing with friends
  • Confine the kids to the kiddie swimming pool

Before you think of adding a spa, consider all aspects of the task and ensure you get just what you want.

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