“EXPERT ADVICE” Should I Buy Small Or Big Wheels For Dirt Bikes? SEE HERE!

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For better speed, go with a smaller wheel. On the other hand, a larger wheel will give you better control and stability to your dirt bike or pit bike. It’s that simple!

Should I Buy Small Or Big Wheels For Dirt Bikes?

The big wheel (suppose it’s a 80 or 85) is bigger, longer, more stable, heavier, usually softer, and will swallow the small bumps better while the small wheel is smaller, shorter, agile, lighter, bend the rims easy and is able to get you into the 85cc (150f) races, as you cannot with bigger wheels.

If it’s for fun/play then I will pick big. But if you race then 85’ or supermini (big wheels) is the way to go.

Each size has its pros and cons. So, in the end, your personal preference will determine which best suits your situation.

For instance, small wheels race faster than big wheels. But larger wheels are more stable than small wheels. Each wheel works different, so what REALLY MATTERS is where you’ll be riding your bike and the features you’d love to see on it.

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For better clarity, we have added the advantages and disadvantages of each wheel to give you some clarity.

Small Wheels

One major advantage of small wheels is that they are very fast & lighter than large and heavy wheels.

For instance, smaller wheels are more preferred than large and thick wheels when it comes to climbing a mountain.

Similarly, it is also secure and safe to ride with small wheels. Still, it is crucial to know that small wheels aren’t particularly favorable to beginner riders. It is more preferred for advanced riders who are skilled or those who have competed in a dirt bike race.

Lastly, small wheels can be ruined quicker than large wheels. Another con of small wheels is that they are great difficulty when moving in mud or when it rains.


  • Easy to use
  • They are much faster than big wheels


  • Lifespan isn’t as great as big wheels
  • It’s difficult to ride in wet or muddy areas
  • Less stable than large wheels.
  • Not recommend for beginners.

Big Wheels

Being a beginner rider myself, I prefer large wheels on small wheels. This is because it is easier to control and they do have a longer lifespan when compared to small wheels.

Large wheels can go on all terrain. They move easy even on sand and mud. In addition, you enjoy much more control and stability on your dirt bike with large wheels.

In my opinion, new riders should go with buying big wheels since that will keep them safer and secure.

Big wheels are water-resistant. But, they aren’t as quick as small wheels. So, keep that in mind as you shop.

To reach crazy speeds, go for small bikes but for better stability and safety with an all-terrain use, go for big wheels.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Longer life span.
  • Excellently stable than small wheels
  • It is much easier to ride in hard surfaces like mud or sand.
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  • It is hard to travel with them on regular surfaces
  • Not as quick as small wheels.
  • So, what about pit bikes? Is smaller wheels really better than bigger ones?

Should I buy Small or Big Wheels for Dirt Bikes

Pit bike big wheel vs. Small wheel

Difference not so much in power, but in how it handles, the bigger the wheel the smoother the ride, especially in sand. But otherwise no power difference. When they say CR80 EXPERT they just mean bigger wheels. No faster Stock.

Here’s quick similarities and differences between a pit bike big wheel versus small wheels:

Pit bike smaller wheel

Pit bike big wheel

  • Great for enhanced speed.
  • Offers better traction, control, and stability.
  • It does not change the power production.
  • It does not change the power production.
  • Very prone to wear and tear much quicker
  • Sporting a durable build, a big wheel will always ensure longevity.
  • Smaller wheels will always boost your performance on any racing track. They are for professional driving.
  • A big wheel will deliver optimum control on rough terrain. They are for casual driving.
  • Smaller wheels are ideal for beginner or novice pit bike riders.
  • Larger wheels beginner or amateur riding friendly.

What is Difference Between Ktm 85 Big Wheel And Small Wheel?

The wheel size is the only difference – wheels are still fully interchangeable between small or big wheel models.

What is the Purpose of A Big Wheel Dirt Bike?

The function of a big wheel dirt bike allows you to roll over the terrain easier. Terrains like mud, snow, sand etc.

Why Do Dirt Bikes Have Small Wheels?

Dirt bikes have smaller wheels for better power and traction.

Can You Put Smaller Wheels on A Dirt Bike?

Yes, you can. To do this, just change the wheels, sprocket and chain and raise the fork tubes in the clamps (the RB runs at 8mm, the R at 28mm). Everything else is fine.

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Can You Put 24 Inch Wheels On A 26 Inch Bike?

No, it is not possible. 26” tires sit on wheel rims with a 559 mm diameter so 24” tires will not fit onto these rims.

Can You Put 29 Inch Wheels On A 26 Inch Bike?

Yes, you can mount 29-inch (29er) wheels onto a modified full suspension 26” mountain bike frame.

Are 26 inch Wheels Slower?

No! 26-inch wheels are actually faster on level terrain.

How Tall Should You Be To Ride A 29 Inch Bike?

You need to be at least 5’6” tall to ride a 29-inch bike.

What is the Benefit Of 29 Inch Wheels?

29 inch roll up better over logs, rocks, woods, and muddy surfaces you’ll encounter.

Are 29-inch wheels better?

A typical 29er will feel more stable than your average 26in or 27.5in bike. So, yes a 29-inch wheel is definitely better.

Related Questions

Which wheels are better for racing? Small wheels are better for racing since they let your drive faster than big wheels.

Which wheels are safe? Big wheels are safer. They give you better control and security over your vehicle and terrain.

Which kind of wheels are kept for a longer time? Big wheels can hold much longer than small & thin wheels.

For my child, which wheels should be my preference? Your child will appreciate big wheels than small wheels since it is more stable and balanced.


So, remember – no wheel is bad. It just depends on what you need it for. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Plus, there is no such thing as a perfect wheel. So, it is important to choose wheels according to your personal preference.

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