Sharkliine Pools vs Doughboy Pools – Pro’s & Con’s

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Sharkline Pool are very well made, and are beautiful to look at. I ordered from Amazon, and shipping was fast. Their customer service was top notch too.


Sharkliine Pools vs Doughboy Pools

  • Sharkline Pools Reviews

The Sharkline Heritage pool we installed last Spring is very well made and very well made to last us several years. We love the steel top rails that came with it. We used a 1.5hp 150# sand filter.

  • Doughboy Pools Reviews

This brand is popular and I do believe it is older than Buster Crabbe Pools. The truth is that Hoffinger enterprises currently own Doughboy Pools and only a handful of people know who Hoffinger.

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  • Their wall prints are aesthetically pleasing
  • Doughboy Pools higher end resin pools feature very robust framing
  • They use steel from US steel mills
  • There is optional an in-pool wall step that is like an inground pool
  • They have many dealers, especially in the South West United States
  • The Palm, Saratoga, and Tuscany have The best rolled steel walls. They buy their walls for these models the same place as Buster Crabbe
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Sharkliine Pools vs Doughboy Pools


  • Their less expensive pool models features lesser pool walls. However, higher end ones like Saratoga and Tuscany models have rolled steel wall pool.
  • They do not produce an aluminium or lat wall model option.
  • For the price of their premium above ground pools, you could buy a slat wall/panel pool from Wilbar or Buster Crabbe.
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