Septifix Reviews – MY EXPERIENCE with Septic Tank Treatment Tablets!

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If your septic tank is bringing out bad odour and you are tired of spending hundreds of dollars to always pump your septic tank, then consider using Septifix Tablets.

These tablets are known to help in keeping your septic tank in good shape and also in eliminating foul odours from your septic tank.

Septifix Tablets helps you with keeping your septic tank relatively clean by removing clogs.

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What Are Septifix Tablets?

Septifix Tablets are used for treating septic tanks, these tablets are environmentally safe and also release oxygen .

Septic tanks are made solely to help in treating and disposing wastewater from households to avoid contamination.

Richard V makes it possible for homeowners to be able to clean, scrub, repair and also maintain septic tanks in their homes. But during waste pump out from the septic tanks, it releases an unbearable odour that makes the whole process of cleaning out septic tanks undesirable to homeowners making use of septic tanks.

Richard V decided to partner up with about 14 researchers from a known and renowned university to come up with a solution that will help homeowners that have septic tanks in maintaining and also cut back on the need to pump septic tanks.

Towards the end of the third year, the team created a natural method that will help to clean and maintain septic tanks without causing any harm to the environment.

Each Septifix tablet was made with about 14 strains of bacteria that when dissolved inside the septic tank will digest the biograde waste.

Water from the kitchen, toilets and bathroom are being disposed of directly into the septic tank.

With proper maintenance and care you can enjoy your house with a septic tank for many more years without not having the need to pump out waste regularly, thus saving you thousands of dollars annually.

With Septifix Tablets you can do away with having your septic tank pumped less often.

Septifix Tablets will help in:

  1. Will help in reducing or even eliminating smells from your septic tank fast
  2. Eliminate all form of sludge from your septic tank
  3. Prevents corrosion and clugs from your Septic tank
  4. Reduce the need of having your septic tank pumped regularly.
  5. You will help by protecting the environment because the tablets help in cleaning out your Septic tank.
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Septifix Reviews

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The Septifix Tablets Benefits

Some of the benefits of using Septifix as septic tank treatments are:

  • Using Septifix tablets in your septic tank will help in the consumption of biodegradable waste inside the tank. The septifix tablets gets dissolved inside the tank, releasing sodium carbonate and oxygen. The oxygen released then increases the number of bacteria In the septic tank, these bacterials eat up the waste stored in the septic tank.
  • Septifix tablets inside the septic tank will help in eradicating bad smells from the tank. The oxygen reacts with the wastes inside the septic tank and take care of the smell by eliminating it after a couple of days.
  • Septifix tablets help in breaking down sludges and eliminating them from the septic tank, thereby eliminating clogs from the septic tank entirely.
  • It will help in cleaning the septic tank entirely by decomposing the sludge found in the septic tank.
  • Septifix tablets help in neutralizing the septic tank pH thereby saving you from maintenance and plumbing fees on a regular.
  • It helps you in saving some bucks you normally would have used in pumping your tank regularly.
  • Septifix tablets do not emit toxic chemicals so you are free from any hazards regardings that.
  • It can be used by anybody as it doesn’t require any technical know-how and you do not necessarily need to be a professional before you can use it. Simply placing it inside your toilet bowl and flushing will do the magic
  • It diffuses free oxygen into the environment, hence it is healthy for the environment.
  • It prevents your septic tanks tubes, pumps, valves from corrosion.

How Does The Septifix Tablets Work?

Septifix works by eliminating odours from your septic tanks and also helps in de clogging septic tanks.

Septifix Tablets packs have clear instructions written on how to go about using it.

The instruction is that a user should flush down 3 tablets of Septifix down the toilet bowl. Once these Septifix tablets get into the septic tank, oxygen and sodium carbonate is released when the tablets dissolve.

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According to the company that produced the Septifix Tablet, each tablet contains 10 litres of oxygen that is distributed in the septic tank through small bubbles.

The sodium carbonate that is released helps in regulating the contents contained in the septic tank to a natural pH, it also acts as a barrier against water preventing corrosion of the plumbing system.

The oxygen released reacts with the waste in the tank after 3 to 4 days eliminating bad odour from the tank.

Other wastes left behind like fats, oil, toilet paper, soaps  are consumed from the septic tank by the many  bacteria released from the septic tank.

Septifix Pricing

You can only purchase the Septifix Tablet online from their official store and you also get a guarantee of your money back within 60days.

An order of Septifix tablets takes 24hourd to process and it will take 5 to 7 days to have the tablets delivered to your doorsteps.

Ups delivery service is used by the company in the delivery of the products to your house or your office.

The prices of Septifix tablets vary depending on the duration.

  • Supply of Septifix tablet for 6months including shipping will cost $69.
  • It cost $118 for 12months delivery including shipping and delivery fees
  • $147 for 18 months including delivery and shipping fees.

Does Septifix Works?

Yes. Septifix tablets actually work and this is not just saying so just because I want you to just buy, but this is me saying it works because it works.

More than 21000 people have used and are still using Septifix tablets, they won’t do that if it is not working.

Septifix works by releasing oxygen and sodium carbonate into the septic tank, while the sodium carbonate helps in regulating the tanks’s pH and protecting the tank against corrosion, the oxygen helps in breeding bacterials that digest the waste and declug the tank.

What Is The Importance Of Using Septifix Septic Treatment Tablets?

Some of the importance of using Septifix septic Treatment Tablets include:

  1. Fighting odours within 3 to 5 days of using Septifix tablets, the tablets release oxygen and sodium carbonates that react together inside the tank eliminating bad odours.
  2. It helps in the effective cleaning up of the septic tank by allowing the decomposition of sludge from the bottom up.
  3. With the rate of wastewater stored in the septic tank, it will increase the rate of wear and tear of the plumbing, what Septifix does is to neutralize these corrosive gases thereby protecting the utilities within the tank.
  4. Septifix allows and encourages the multiplication of bacteria within the septic tank, encouraging the bacteria to thrive by supplying the tank with enough oxygen. These bacterials in turn feed on the biodegradable waste within the tank.
  5. You will be saving a considerable amount of money when you use septifix tablets inside your septic tank you won’t have the need of pumping out septic waste all the time, as it would be reduced considerably to let’s say once in every three years.
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Septifix Tablet Usage Direction

The tablets are not toxic, so you as an Adult can touch them with your bare hands without the need of using handgloves.

On the pack of the Septifix, it is recommended you place 3 tablets of Septifix inside your toilet bowl and flushing twice for a new user, but in subsequent months you can make use of one tablet.

Some of The Features of Spetifix Septic Tank Tablets Include:

  • The tablets are free of toxins
  • It does not need any special handling, therefore any Adults can touch the tablets and place it inside the toilet bowl with their bare hands.
  • The drug is made by a renowned facility in the United States.
  • The drug Spetifix according to the manufacturer is the only septic tank treatment that releases oxygen into the environment.
  • You save a considerable amount of money yearly by making use of Spetifix tablets
  • The purchase of Septifix tablets comes with a 60 days guarantee of your money back, that is if the tablets doesn’t work as stated, you can request and get your money back within 60days
  • Septifix tablets do not release any chemicals that are hazardous to your health or the environment.
  • Septifix tablets have an effect that is longer lasting than other septic tank treatment solutions


Septifix tablets have a significant positive impact on a septic tank, by encouraging the growth of bacteria that digest the waste found in the septic tank.

These Septifix tablets have the ability to neutralize the pH of the tank, it also reduces the number of times your tank needs to be pumped.

And additionally, the manufacturer of the Septifix tablets claims the Oxygen released from the Septifix tablets reacts to sulphide to get rid of odours from the septic tank.

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